Mitochondria are compartmentalized, dual-membrane organelles that are responsible for most energy production in the cell. Mitochondria contain their own DNA and ribosomes. The primary function of mitochondria is to convert energy from glucose into ATP via oxidative phosphorylation.

Featured Mitochondrial Marker Antibodies: 



Mitofusin 1

Popular Mitochondrial Marker Targets: 

Catalog # Antibody Name Tested Applications Species Reactivity
NB110-55446 AIF Antibody WB, FLOW, ICC, IHC,IP Hu, Ms, Rt
NB110-39115 COX IV Antibody WB, ICC, IHC Hu, Ms, Rt, Bc, Mk
NBP1-51650 COX IV Antibody WB, ELISA, FLOW, ICC Hu, Ms, Rt +
NB100-78345 Cytochrome C Antibody WB, FLOW, ICC, IP Hu, Ms, Rt
NB100-56503 Cytochrome C Antibody WB, FLOW, ICC, IHC Hu, Ms, Rt +
NBP1-85789 Hexokinase Antibody WB, ICC, IHC Hu
NBP1-77397 Hsp60 Antibody WB, ICC, IHC Hu, Ms, Rt +
NBP1-77455 Hsp70 Antibody ICC, IHC Hu
NB100-1919 Mitofilin Antibody WB, ICC Hu, Ms, Rt +
NBP1-51841 Mitofusin-1 Antibody WB, ICC, IHC Hu, Ms, Rt