The centrosome is the main microtubule organizing center (MTOC) of the cell and acts as a regulator of cell-cycle progression. The centrosome is composed of two centrioles surrounded by an amorphous mass of pericentriolar material (PCM). The PCM contains proteins responsible for microtubule nucleation and anchoring. Each centriole is composed of nine triplet microtubule blades in a pinwheel structure. Cancer cells often have an abnormal number of centrosomes, which may be of biological significance.

Featured Centrosome Marker Antibodies:

Gamma Tubulin



Popular Centrosome/Centriole Antibodies:

Catalog # Antibody Name Tested Applications Species Reactivity
NB500-574 gamma Tubulin Antibody (TU-30) WB, ICC Hu, Ms, Rt +
NB120-11318 gamma Tubulin Antibody WB, ICC Hu +
NB100-74631 Ninein Antibody WB, IP Hu, Ms
NBP1-33402 PLK4 Antibody WB, ICC, IHC Hu