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Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program

scholarship program

The R&D scholarship program is currently under construction. We apologize for the inconvenience and invite you to check back for updates fall semester 2024.

Research is a critical component for the development and advancement in the life science community. We want to further scientific achievement by helping students who are interested in developing a career in science.

  • The Novus Biologicals Scholarship is for students pursuing education in a science related field (Life Science, Medical Science, Health Science)
  • Awarded twice each year in the Fall & Spring semesters
  • A $1500 (or international currency equivalent) scholarship will be awarded to one student for the fall and spring semesters.
  • Schools/Colleges/Institutes within US, Canada, and European Countries only


Scholarship Details

Scholarship Program Frequently Asked Questions:  
How to Apply
  • Fill out the scholarship application form above
  • Upload the required documents mentioned in the application form above
  • Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation page (not an email). If you did not reach the confirmation page, your submission did not go through. If you did reach the confirmation page, then we received your application
  • Applicants must have a major declared in a science related field (Life Science, Medical Science, Health Science) A list of accepted studies is listed in the application above.
  • Enrolled or accepted for enrollment (baccalaureate, graduate, associate degree, or diploma - any level of education above high school)
  • Open for Schools/Colleges/Institutes within the US, Canada, and European countries only
  • No GPA requirement
  • I am a high school student and am still awaiting on admission to a university. Can I still apply?
    • If selected we apply the funds directly to the university listed in the application. If you cannot provide one by the application deadline we recommend that you apply for next semester’s scholarship.
  • What majors are eligible?
    • All science related majors (Life Science, Medical Science, Health Science) are eligible (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Medical Engineering etc.) Full list can be found in the application form above. *Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering, etc are NOT eligible majors for this scholarship.
  • When will you send me the check if I am selected as the recipient?
    • If selected, we will send the check directly to the university listed in the application to disperse.
  • Can the money be used towards room/board and personal expenses?
    • We send the check directly to the university listed in the application to disperse the check.
  • I already have a degree. Can I apply for this scholarship?
    • Yes! You may apply for this scholarship to further pursue your science-related education. This scholarship is open to all levels of education above high school.
  • My payment for school is coming up. Can you let me know if I have been selected before the deadline?
    • We are unable to announce the recipient prior to the deadline.
  • I don’t have a declared major. Can I still apply for this scholarship?
    • Unfortunately, no. You can apply to a future application once you have a declared field of study.
  • Will you help me get to the United States?
    • No, we only offer the scholarship.

Congratulations To Our Recipients!

Connor Prosty Spring 2022 Recipient

Congratulations to Connor Prosty from McGill University!

Amanda Ehrman Fall 2021 Recipient

Congratulations to Amanda Ehrman from University of California - San Diego!

Yashi Ballal Spring 2021 Recipient

Congratulations to Yashi Ballal from The University of Toronto!

Trevon Bosley Fall 2020 Recipient

Congratulations to Trevon Bosley from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville!

Sasha Spring 2020 Recipient

Congratulations to Sasha Castiglione from Dixie State University!

Zeidy Fall 2019 Recipient

Congratulations to Zeidy Garcia from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

Sophia Spring 2019 Recipient

Congratulations to Sophia Olivo from Northern Arizona University!

Michelle Fall 2018 Recipient

Congratulations to Michelle Malinowski from Rutgers University!

Carussa Spring 2018 Recipient

Congratulations to Carissa Smith from Point Loma Nazarene University!

Dominique Fall 2017 Recipient

Congratulations to Dominique Edwards from Johns Hopkins University!

gwenny Spring 2017 Recipient Congratulations to Gwenny Go from Villanova University!
Salma Fall 2016 Recipient Congratulations to Amy Westlund from the University of Guelph!
Salma Spring 2016 Recipient Congratulations to Andrew Braun from West Virginia University!
Salma Fall 2015 Recipient Congratulations to Salma Ayoub from the University of Texas at Austin!
Johnstun Spring 2015 Recipient Congratulations to Kimberly Bellingham-Johnstun from North Carolina State University!
Catherine Millar-Haskell Fall 2014 Recipient Congratulations to Catherine Millar-Haskell from Arizona State University!