Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program

Research is a critical component for the development and advancement in the life science community. We want to further scientific achievement by helping students who are interested in developing a career in science.

The Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program is awarded to students pursuing a degree in a science related field twice a year. A $1500 (or international currency equivalent) scholarship will be awarded to one student for the fall and spring semesters.

Fall 2017 Scholarship Program:
We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2017 Scholarship!
How to apply
  • Fill out the scholarship application form. Download the scholarship application form
  • Submit a transcript of all college/post-secondary coursework (if high school student submit high school transcript).
  • Submit a written statement addressing the following topics:
    • Submit a 140 character statement/tweet on your favorite scientist
    • Write a personal statement of 500 words or less on how you plan to use your degree to further advance science in your field of interest.
  • Applicants must have a major declared in a science related field.
  • Open worldwide.
  • Enrolled or accepted for enrollment (baccalaureate, graduate, associate degree, or diploma) with a declared major in a science related field.
Selection and notification process
  • Deadline for this application is July 17, 201711:59 p.m. MST.
  • Finalist will be notified by August 4, 2017.
Submission guidelines
  • Please submit your application and written statement to by July 17, 2017 to be considered for the Fall 2017 Novus Biologicals Scholarship.
  • Do my transcripts need to be official? 
    • No, they can be unofficial or official. 
  • I am a high school student and am still awaiting on admission to a university. Can I still apply?
    • If selected we apply the funds directly to the university listed in the application. If you cannot provide one by the application deadline we recommend that you apply for next semester’s scholarship. 
  • I am a college freshman and I haven't received my grades yet. What transcript should I provide?
    • You can submit your high school transcripts. 
  • What are the requirements for the written statements?
    • The personal statement is 500 words or less on how you plan to use your degree. 
  • How do I sign the form? 
    • You can either print and scan it back or fill it out via a PDF editor and put in your name. 
  • Is this scholarship open worldwide?
    • Yes, this scholarship is open worldwide. 
  • I am not sure if my major will qualify. What majors are eligible? 
    • All science related majors are eligible (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Engineering etc.). 
  • Will you send me a check if I am selected as the winner?
    • No. We send a check directly to the university that you have listed in the application. Most require a student ID for us to send a check, so we may ask for this later. 
  • Can the money be used towards room/board and personal expenses?
    • We send the check directly to the university listed in the application to disperse the check. 
  • I have a degree. Can I apply for the scholarship?
    • You must be currently enrolled/accepted at a university to apply. We send the funds directly to the university listed in the application if selected.
  • Do you require any English certifications to apply for the scholarship?
    • No.
  • My payment for school is coming up. Can you let me know if I have been selected before the deadline?
    • Unfortunately no. We will consider all applications submitted by the deadline and announce the winner after that. 
  • What universities does this scholarship apply towards and what fields can I study? 
    • This scholarship is open worldwide for people seeking a science related degree. The student will need to be currently enrolled/accepted at a university to apply. 
  • I don’t have a declared major. Can I still apply for this scholarship?
    • Yes, as part of the written statement you can explain what you plan to do in the future with your degree to advance science. 
  • Will you help me get to the United States?
    • Unfortunately no, we only offer the scholarship. If selected all funds are sent directly to the university listed in the application. 
  • Do I mail or email the application? 
    • You can email all application materials to or you can mail it to: Novus Biologicals, LLC, Attention: Lisa Ikariyama, 8100 Southpark Way, A-8, Littleton, CO 80120, USA
  • Is there a GPA requirement?
    • No.

Thank you for your interest in the Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program!

Congrats to our recipients!

gwenny Spring 2017 Winner Congrats to Gwenny Go from Villanova who was selected as the recipient for Spring 2017!
Salma Fall 2016 Winner Congrats to Amy Westlund from the University of Guelph who was selected as the recipient for Fall 2016!
Salma Spring 2016 Scholarship Winner Congrats to Andrew Braun from West Virginia University who was selected as the recipient for Spring 2016!
Salma Fall 2015 Scholarship Winner Congrats to Salma Ayoub from the University of Texas at Austin who was selected as the recipient for Fall 2015!
Johnstun Spring 2015 Scholarship Winner Kimberly Bellingham-Johnstun from North Carolina State University who was selected as the recipient for Spring 2015.
Catherine Millar-Haskell Fall 2014 Scholarship Winner Catherine Millar-Haskell from Arizona State University who was selected as the recipient for Fall 2014.