Novus Knows Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a powerful research technique that facilitates examination of multiple parameters on individual cells. To facilitate phenotyping and characterizing diverse populations of cells, we offer over 50,000 antibodies conjugated to at least 14 complimentary colors each. Use our new panel builder, Fluorofinder, to assist in selection of antibodies for your multicolor flow cytometry panel. Begin by selecting your instrument below, proceed through target selection, and let Fluorofinder help choose the antibodies that will work the best with one another for the combination of proteins being measured in your study. If you need help at any time please use the Instructions and Panel Professor buttons at the top of the tool, or you can reach us via email for technical support here.

Novus offers Flow Cytometry antibodies for:
Multicolor Analytics
Over 40 available dyes conjugated to primary antibodies to support complex multicolor experiments. Custom conjugations are also available.
Flow Cytometry Support