Collaboration Goals

Our goal at Novus Biologicals is to serve the research community by supplying products of high quality and applicability to current research trends and needs. We accomplish this goal through two mechanisms: licensing technologies of interest from Universities and Research Institutions and collaborating with scientists to produce products that we are unable to license from the research community.

Novus Biologicals' licensing team has many years of experience licensing research products. We are interested in antibodies, cell lines, proteins and other related research reagents.  We can quickly negotiate an agreement through your institution's technology transfer office to make your reagent available. Partnering with Novus Biologicals offers several benefits. A license agreement can generate additional research funds and relieves you from the burden of corresponding with individuals requesting reagents. The costs associated with the production, packaging and shipment of reagents becomes Novus Biologicals' responsibility. Licensing a biological reagent to Novus Biologicals in no way restricts you from continuing to supply your reagent to colleagues or collaborators if you so choose.

Product Partnership
Novus Biologicals believes that one way to obtain innovative products is by collaborating with investigators in their production. If you have isolated a unique protein in an area of mutual interest, Novus Biologicals can work with you to develop a specific antibody at no cost to you. You simply provide Novus Biologicals with the antigen and we make and share the antibody with you. We also collaborate with investigators to produce peptide antibodies in areas of mutual interest. We produce and pay for the production of an antibody and all we require of you is some basic characterization data. Our objective is to work with each individual to establish an arrangement which is mutually beneficial. If you have a reagent or an idea for a reagent please contact us for additional information.

If you are interested in collaborating with Novus Biologicals, please send your contact information and collaboration ideas to