Novus Story

Novus Management Staff

Novus Biologicals was founded in the summer of 1996 as a company to license, produce and market antibodies to support niche and emerging areas of research. From Western blots on the kitchen table to a full lab and 100,000 plus products, we have come a long way from our niche antibody strategy. Read the Q & A’s below to learn more about the history of Novus Biologicals.

How did Novus Biologicals first begin?
Novus’ founder, Karen Padgett, had recently left a biotech company, but strived to recreate this business in her own way.  She was at home, pregnant with twins, on bed rest and had a two year old boy.  Even in the midst of her busy home life, Karen was eager to form her own company.  Soon, a name was brainstormed, a logo was created, a website was formed, the twins were born and the company launched. Novus was run out of Karen Padgett’s house for about one year.  The company became much busier, and the first employee was hired. Soon after, it was moved to its first office in Littleton, CO.

Where did the company name originate?
The name, “Novus,” was chosen because it means novel, unusual, extraordinary in Latin which was the early product focus.

What was the vision for Novus Biologicals?
Karen Padgett (Novus founder) envisioned a company that would offer personalized service for customers, collaborators and licensors and bring value to the scientific community by offering antibodies that are normally difficult to find.  Today, that vision stands true.  We at Novus Biologicals hold great respect for our customers, suppliers and employees. We invest in creative solutions to ensure the highest level of productivity and customer experience. Novus as a company is built on honesty, collaboration and strong relationships and will continue to provide quality tools to accelerate the bioscience research community.

When was the first order, and what was the product?
The first product ordered from Novus was APE1, catalog number NB100-101 in 1997.

Has Novus Biologicals expanded from its original office in Littleton, CO?
Yes!  We are proud to say that Novus currently has 3 international offices located in: Littleton, CO; Ontario, Canada; and Cambridge, UK.  Please view our contact page for more details.