Travel Grant Program

travel grant program

Bio-Techne is proud to offer several travel grants throughout the year to the scientific meeting/conference of your choice! If you do not see your specific event in the list, you may apply to our "Go Everywhere" travel grant and mention the event you are attending.

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Previous Novus Biologicals Quarterly Drawing Winners:

Previous Winners
Q4 2018 Drawing Venkatesh Kolluru from University of Loiusville
Q3 2018 Drawing Xing Liu from Purdue University
Q2 2018 Drawing Abhijit Nirwane from University of Georgia
Q1 2018 Drawing Marie-Claude from Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Q4 2017 Drawing Julie Van from the University of Toronto
Q3 2017 Drawing Nirmala Mavila from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Q2 2017 Drawing Min Liu from NUI Galway
Q1 2017 Drawing  Maral Tajerian from Stanford University
Q4 2016 Drawing Kristine Deleon from University of Mississippi
Q3 2016 Drawing Christopher England from University of Wisconsin
Q2 2016 Drawing Jihye Paik from Weill Cornell Medical College
Q1 2016 Drawing Xinbo Li from Oregon Health Sciences University
Q4 2015 Drawing Natalie Erdmann from the University of Toronto
Q3 2015 Drawing Ajeet Mandal from National Institute of Dental Research
Q2 2015 Drawing Isaac K. Sundar from University of Rochester Medical Center
Q1 2015 Drawing Ming Lu from UCLA

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  • Novus Biologicals/Bio-Techne accepts no responsibility for prize loss or damage.