Risk-Free Testing Using Primary Antibodies

Novus Biologicals innovators program

Innovator's Reward Program: Try our primary antibodies in an unvalidated species or application, without the financial risk of failure.

innovators reward risk free testing

Purchase the
primary antibody,
that you are wanting
to test in an unvalidated
species or
Test the product
using the untested
species or
Submit a product
review with an
image, and details
from your positive/
negative results for
the unvalidated
species or
Novus will verify the
product purchase,
data image, and
other details while
processing the
review. Please allow
5-10 business days.
We will email you a
voucher for 100% of
the purchase price
of the reviewed
product. This
voucher can be
used for a future
purchase with us. *

*In addition, you will also receive an Amazon e-gift card or Novus product discount for your review. Please see our rewards page for details.

Redeem your voucher

Not sure how to redeem your voucher? Read our instructions on redeeming your Innovator's Reward Discount.

redeem innovators coupon


Questions? Email: innovators@novusbio.com

Terms and Conditions:

    Innovators Submission:

  • Innovator reviews must be submitted within 1 year of the product purchase.
  • Eligible for orders placed through international Bio-Techne Offices.
  • Offer void where prohibited, licensed, or restricted by federal, state, provincial, or local laws or regulation or agency/institutional policy. Email us for more information on distributor eligibility.
  • Novus reserves the right to refuse submissions at any time.
  • No voucher will be given for reviews submitted with a product purchased in full using a previous innovators or discount voucher.
  • Partial discounted products will be given a voucher for remaining purchased amount.
  • If multiple species/applications are submitted for the same product, the researcher will only receive 1 voucher (even if multiple vials were purchased of the same product).
  • Other restrictions may apply.
  • Third-Party Purchase Eligibility:

  • Fees may apply to orders placed through Novus distributors due to duties, taxes and other fees.
  • Valid for Fisher Scientific orders placed in the US.
  • Not valid for Canadian orders placed through Fisher Scientific or Cedarlane.
  • Novus Distributor List
  • Product Limitations:

  • R&D Systems products not on the Novus site are not eligible.
  • Bulk and custom products are not eligible unless previously approved before purchases.
  • Reviews are not eligible if the tested application includes a (-) symbol in the data sheet.
  • Reviews are not eligible if the data sheet species/reactivity notes "NA".
  • Reviews are not eligible in Knockout (KO) or Knockdown (KD) studies.
  • Voucher Use:

  • Voucher cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.
  • Voucher provided is to be used towards a future purchase.
  • Vouchers are good for 6 months from the issue date.
  • Vouchers are issued for a one time use for products on the Novus site.
  • Voucher can be used on 1 product (1 voucher per purchase).
  • Voucher does not apply to shipping charges.