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Understanding Mass Cytometry

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Mass cytometry, such as CyTOF, is a variation of flow cytometry in which heavy metals, typically lanthanides, are conjugated to antibodies instead of fluorochromes. The unique mass signatures of these stable metal isotopes are detected by time-of-flight mass spectrometry and enable identification of over 40 cellular targets on a single cell.

Advantages Over Fluorescence Flow Cytometry

  • Reduce Spectral Overlap: Low spectral overlap without the need for fluorescence compensation adjustments.
  • Eliminate Autofluorescence Background: Absence of interference from cellular autofluorescence.
  • Improve Molecular Profiling: Simultaneous detection and resolution of more targets than is feasible with conventional flow cytometry, making CyTOF ideal for testing rare or precious samples.

Bio-Techne CyTOF Antibodies

R&D Systems and Novus Biologicals have a wide range of antibodies that are bottled in a CyTOF-ready format, without BSA or other carrier proteins that may interfere with metal conjugation. Additional benefits for established conjugation methods include:

  • Liquid formulation or lyophilized for reconstitution at high concentration and improved conjugation efficiency.
  • No need for a buffer exchange step prior to conjugation.
  • Over 2600 CyTOF-ready antibodies available.
  • Also available conjugated to fluorochromes for fluorescence flow cytometry.

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Mass Cytometry Webinar

In the Bio-Techne webinar, “Single-Cell Profiling with Mass Cytometry: An Overview of Technology and Current Research Applications On-Demand”, learn more about CyTOF from a leading expert.

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