Novus is committed to providing an array of high quality products for diverse applications. We offer over 80,000 primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, kits, and reagents designed to keep your research moving forward. We even developed comprehensive scientific protocols and troubleshooting guides to help you out in the lab. Whether it's finding the right product for your research or getting technical support, Novus is here to help.

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Application Literature

Western Blot Handbook This step-by-step western blot guide details the western blot protocol, including western blot recipes, technical tips, a benchtop protocol, and an easy to follow troubleshooting guide.  Request

Immunohistochemistry (ICC) Handbook This ICC handbook offers an introduction to ICC with a focus on multicolor experiments, including detailed protocols and troubleshooting tips. It is a great resource for researchers new to ICC/IF as well as experienced users looking to brush up on their skills.  Request

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Handbook This IHC handbook offers insight into the multiple variables that impact IHC results plus includes standard IHC protocols and a technical troubleshooting guide to optimize your IHC experiments.  Request