Video Protocols

Perfect your experiments and ensure reproducibility with our step-by-step video protocols.

video protocol Flow Cytometry Staining Video Protocol
Watch how to perform a Flow Cytometry experiment to stain membrane associated proteins

video protocol Western Blot Video Protocol
Watch our western blot video protocol to become an expert on western blot sample preparation, protein electrophoresis, membrane transfer, immunoblotting, and detection.

video protocol Immunocytochemistry Video Protocol
Watch our ICC video protocol to become an expert on ICC cell preparation, immunoblotting, and detection, as well as ICC double staining.

video protocol Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Video Protocol Watch our ChIP video protocol to learn more about lysate preparation, chromatin cross-linking, DNA shearing by sonication, immunoprecipitation, reverse cross-linking, DNA purification, DNA amplification, and DNA quantification.

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