The Golgi apparatus is a membrane-bound stack of cisternae that processes proteins and lipids synthesized in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and packages them for transport elsewhere in the cell. The Golgi is responsible for glycosylating proteins synthesized in the ER and also for cleaving some proteins into smaller fragments. The Golgi packages these products in vesicles for transport, either to destinations inside of the cell or outside of it.

58K Golgi Protein



Featured Golgi Apparatus Antibodies:  

Catalog # Antibody Name Tested Applications Species Reactivity
NB600-412 58K Golgi Protein Antibody  WB, ICC, IHC Hu, Ms, Rt +
NBP1-84923 EBAG9/RCAS1 Antibody WB, ICC, IHC Hu
NBP1-50627 GOLM1 Antibody WB, ICC Hu
NB300-575 TGN38 Antibody WB, FLOW, ICC, IHC, IP Hu, Rt +
NBP1-49643 TGN46 Antibody WB, ICC, IHC Hu

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