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Western Blot Handbook

Learn how to perform and troubleshoot a standard western blot protocol.

Organelle Marker Antibodies

Learn more about organelle markers, protein localization, and sub-cellular fractionation.

Loading Control Handbook

Get technical guidance on loading control proteins and western blot normalization.

dr Cogodno Novus faculty interview
I’m Patrice Codogno, and this is why I research.
Patrice Codogno discovered the relationship between PI3K and autophagy. Read Dr. Cogodno’s interview to learn more about what his lab hopes to discover next.

direct vs indirect
Understanding direct vs. indirect detection
Learn the benefits and drawbacks of direct and indirect detection to help you make the right choice for your experiment.

Using blocking peptides
Using blocking peptides to assess antibody specificity.
Read more about blocking peptides and how you can use them as a method to assess antibody specificity.

The IKK complex, or inhibitor of NFkB kinase, is composed of IKK alpha and IKK beta.  These kinases are at the core of the NFkB signaling cascade.  The NFkB family is made up of transcription factors that are kept inactive in the cytoplasm through inhibitory IkB proteins. When various stimuli are activated, these IKK proteins go through phosphorylation, leading to polyubiquitination and...

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Transportin 1, also known as Karyopherin- β 2 or Importin- β 2, is part of the β-karyopherins family, which consists of importins and exportins responsible for the active transport of proteins between the nucleus and cytoplasm.  Transportin 1 is composed of twenty HEAT (or a tandem repeat protein structural motif comprised of two alpha helices that end with a short loop) stacks that form...

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