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Scientific Resources

Autophagy Handbook

Refresh and expand your autophagy knowledge.

ICC Handbook

Learn about multicolor ICC/IF’s conceptual basics, protocols and troubleshooting.

IHC Handbook

Learn the basics of IHC, standard protocols, plus troubleshoot technical issues.

Patricia's research clarified our understanding of autophagy as a cell survival mechanism rather than a death pathway. Learn about her current research, her path in science & activities as a leader in the field of autophagy.

Andrew studies the microbiome’s role in disease. Developing products to diagnose & treat disease is Andrew’s career goal. Gain insight from his experiences at the intersection of academic and biopharma research.

Novus Biologicals Blogs

By Victoria Osinski

Scientists have turned to gene editing techniques to modify patients’ T cells to combat cancer, but are often limited by factors including cost, low cell yields, or availability of expertise for therapy development. Interest lies in developing “off-the-shelf”, universal, donor cells, which require thorough T cell...

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