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Western Blot Handbook

Learn how to perform and troubleshoot a standard western blot protocol.

Secondary Antibody Handbook

Learn how to pick the right secondary antibody for your experiment.

Loading Control Handbook

Get technical guidance on loading control proteins and western blot normalization.

dr rutkoski Novus faculty interview
I’m Melanie Rutkowski, and this is why I research.
Melanie Rutkowski studies one of Immunology’s hottest areas. Read her interview to learn more about how the microbiota affect tumors.

LC3B1 and LC3B2
How to induce autophagy with improved specificity.
Novus’ autophagy inducing peptides demonstrate improved specificity and enhanced potency over other induction methods.

GAPDH best loading control for westrern blot, read the Novus loading control guide
Is GAPDH really the best loading control for your western blot?
Read our loading control guide to help you decide which control is best for your western blot experiment.

"CRISPR", or clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats, is an ancient bacterial mechanism that prevents the invasion of foreign pathogens to a host organism.  Specifically, the CRISPR sequence has been identified as a single DNA sequence that is repeated with unique sequences (found to be that of viruses) in-between.  Thus, bacteria have created an environment...

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Signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) is an important oncogenic transcriptional factor that mediates tumor induced immune suppression.  Specifically, STAT3 transmits signals from cytokines and growth factor receptors in the plasma membrane (PM) to the nucleus, where they alter gene transcription.  Because of this transcriptional regulatory role, STAT3 also plays a...

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