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Making Your Success Our Goal
We've created tools and programs to keep your research moving forward and when something goes wrong we're here to back you up. View our tools and programs below all designed to make your research as smooth as possible.

  • Guarantee - All of our products are 100% guaranteed to work in the applications & species listed on the datasheet.
  • Innovators Reward - A program designed specifically for researchers who wish to test primary antibodies on untested species or applications.
  • Lab Startup Discount - Designed to get your lab up and running.
  • Novus Explorer/Bioinformatics - A bioinformatic tool that allows you to explore your gene, modification, pathway or disease.
  • Antibody Concierge - If you can't find what your looking for this is the resource for you.
  • Rewards Program - Get rewarded for reviewing Novus products and placing your orders online.
  • Application Videos


Highest Quality Antibodies
Novus is committed to providing researchers with the highest quality antibodies so they may focus on their research. That's why we're continually working to provide the most comprehensive data available for our products.

  • 205,000+ images
  • 34,000+ publications
  • 3,000+ reviews
  • 20,000+ unique targets covered
  • 31 applications covered
  • 46 species covered
  • 42,000+ gene IDs covered


Highest Quality Service
Whether it's finding the right product for your research or getting support for a product you've already purchased, Novus is here to help. That's why we offer multiple channels to make your life easier.

  • Global Offices (USA, Canada, Europe, China)
  • No automated computers answering calls. We know how important it is to get directly to a person who can answer your questions quickly.
  • Live chat is available from any page of our website.
  • Technical email support for help with product questions.
  • Protocols & FAQs


Above, a post mitotic Survivin cell in telophase, where the daughter cells are still attached by the intercellular bridge. Survivin stains along microtubules within this bridge, on either side of the midbody. Above, is an image is of Beta actin in an immunohistochemical stain of breast epithelium. Actin (red) is one of the main cytoskeletal proteins of the cell. The nuclei are blue. Above, the ICC image is of neurofilament-light protein, a class of intermediate filaments and member of the cytoskeleton family, found in neurons.