A stem cell line is characterized by a group of cells originating from a single parent cell. These can be obtained from both embryonic and adult tissues. A special property of these cell lines, includes the long-term stability of replication in vitro.

Together with Drosha, DGCR8 is part of a microprocessing complex that cleaves long primary miRNA into short hairpins that are exported from the nucleus to the cytoplasm for further processing. The action of DGCR8 is miRNA-specific, making this DGCR8 cell line uniquely useful for studying the connection between miRNA biogenesis and the self-renewal of ESCs. The v6.5 mouse ES cell line is the parent strain from which the DGCR8 cell line is derived.

Embryonic Stem Cell Lines:

DGCR8 knockout MEF cells

V6.5 Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

Neural Progenitor Stem Cells and Cortical Neurons:

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