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Flow cytometry uses fluorescently-labeled molecules to identify and characterize antigen profiles in a variety of research applications and for clinical diagnostics on a single-cell basis. By using different fluorochromes with emission wavelengths that span across the color spectrum, proteins associated with surface, cytosolic, and nuclear compartments can be detected simultaneously. Through advances in instrument design and the development of new fluorescent probes, cytometers can now measure more than 20 parameters using multi-color panels to identify and phenotype cells involved in complex biological processes.

Flow Cytometry Design

The fluidics system moves cells from the sample tube to the flow cell where the sample stream is focused for single cell analysis. The optics system uses lasers as a source of excitation for fluorescent probes, where photons and light scatter are directed to detectors via fiber optics or lenses/mirrors. The electronics system converts the emitted photons into a voltage pulse over time as output with one- and two-dimensional plots. Learn more about Flow Cytometry.

Flow Cytometry Primary Antibodies

Novus Biologicals offers more than 8,000 flow cytometry validated primary antibodies and over 2,500 CyTOF-ready antibodies backed by our 100% guarantee. With nearly 20 different fluorescent conjugates available including a range of Alexa Fluor® and tandem dyes, the breadth of antibody-dye options available are compatible with an array of cytometer configurations and are further expanded by our custom antibody labeling services. At Novus, we understand how important it is to provide high quality reagents. Learn more about Bio-Techne’s methods for antibody validation.

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Flow Cytometry Secondary Antibodies

For indirect detection, a fluorescently-labeled secondary antibody detects the antigen-primary antibody complex. Compared to directly labeled primary antibodies, indirect detection is more sensitive and vital for effective identification of low abundance antigens and rare epitopes. Our secondary antibodies cover a variety of applications, hosts, and conjugates to match your research needs.

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Experimental Controls

Use of isotype controls, compensation controls, or Fluorescence Minus One (FMO) controls alongside cell viability solutions minimize background staining, false positives and skewed results. When using fluorochrome conjugated antibodies, it is recommended that isotype controls are prepared alongside the primary antibody to ensure consistent labeling, thus minimizing impact from fluorochrome variability. To learn more about data reliability through use of controls, review our Flow Cytometry Handbook.

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Supporting Products, Kits and Reagents

Our wide array of products validated for flow cytometry can be used to isolate, fix and/or enrich cell populations to help determine cell fate, responsiveness to inhibitors and assess cell functionality.

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