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ELISA (Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) involves the use of a solid surface, such as a 96-well plate, for the capture and often quantitative detection of an analyte. The target analyte can either be directly absorbed to the assay plate or indirectly immobilized to the well via a ‘capture antibody’. Compared to Western blotting, ELISAs offer a more accurate and high-throughput method for measuring proteins, hormones, and metabolites.

Sandwich ELISA

Sandwich ELISA:

A) Upon addition of experimental samples, standards, or controls to the plate, the target analyte binds to the immobilized ‘capture antibody’. A conjugated ‘detection antibody’ that recognizes a different epitope on the target analyte is used to complete the sandwich. A substrate solution is subsequently added to produce a signal that is proportional to the amount of analyte bound. B) By comparing experimental samples to a linear standard curve, the target analyte concentration can be determined. Learn more about types of ELISAs.

ELISA kits

Novus Biologicals offers a wide variety of ELISA kits available in a range of assay formats including indirect, sandwich, and competitive ELISAs.

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ELISA Antibodies

In addition to ready-to-use ELISA kits, Novus provides high-quality antibodies that enable researchers to build a custom ELISA. Find over 20,000 ELISA validated antibodies backed by our 100% guarantee. Primary antibodies validated for other applications can also be tested in an ELISA with our Risk-Free Testing program. Learn about Novus’s validation of primary antibodies.

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Support Products

Novus also offers an assortment of support products for developing ELISAs and validating their performance including ELISA Optimization kits, protein standards, ELISA Immunodetection kits, and more.

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