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Secondary Antibodies

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Choose from over 40 different labels, 26 reactive species, 10 host species, and all isotypes including fragments thereof. Our secondary antibodies are validated and optimized for use in western blot (WB), immunocytochemistry (ICC), immunohistochemistry (IHC), flow cytometry, ELISA, and more.

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Example of Secondary Antibody Nomenclature

Goat F(ab) anti-Rabbit lgG1 (H+L) Secondary Antibody [HRP] (Pre-absorbed)
Host Species
Antibody Structure
Species Reactivity
(Host of the Primary
Target Immunoglobulin
(Class and subclass of
the Primary Antibody)
Heavy + Light chain,
Target Specificity (Region
of the Primary Antibody)
Detection Label
Additional Purification
Step to Reduce Species

Janelia Fluor® Conjugated Secondary Antibodies

Janelia Fluor® 549 and Janelia Fluor® 646 conjugated secondary antibodies

Janelia Fluor® 549 and Janelia Fluor® 646 conjugated secondary antibodies expand the palette of bright, photostable dyes available for your dSTORM and STED imaging experiments.

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Detection Methods for Immunocytochemistry Immunofluorescence

An introduction to antibody structure, secondary antibody nomenclature and formats, and technical information

Direct vs. Indirect Detection

Understand how using a secondary antibody (indirect detection) can increase assay sensitivity and flexibility. Review the pros and cons of both methods to determine which is best suited for your immunoassay.

Learn more about detection methods

Secondary Antibody Handbook

This guide provides an introduction to antibody structure and nomenclature with technical information and tips for selecting the optimal secondary antibody.

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