Handbooks and Guides

Our step-by-step handbooks and guides are intended as a starting point to understand, perform, and troubleshoot your experiments.

handbook Flow Cytometry Handbook
This Flow Cytometry Handbook provides a brief overview of this challenging technique with numerous data examples. Explore a clear and easy to follow step-by-step guide to flow cytometry that is well-suited for researchers new to the technique, or experienced scientists looking for a quick refresher. Download

handbook Autophagy Handbook
This Autophagy Handbook provides an overview of the molecular players and regulatory mechanisms that enact and control the process of autophagy. Request Now

handbook Apoptosis Handbook
This Handbook offers a brief overview of apoptosis, covering essential molecular pathways and classic morphological features, and provides examples of quintessential experiments to measure apoptosis. Find recommendations of key tools and reagents to study apoptosis. Download

handbook Western Blot Handbook
This step-by-step western blot guide details the western blot protocol, including western blot recipes, technical tips, a benchtop protocol, and an easy to follow troubleshooting guide. Download

handbook Secondary Antibody Handbook
This secondary antibody guide provides an introduction to secondary antibody structure, nomenclature, and formats, as well as technical tips to help you choose the best secondary antibody for your experiment. Download

handbook Loading Controls Handbook
This Loading Control Handbook will provide technical guidance on choosing and optimizing loading control proteins, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use loading controls to normalize your Western blot data. Download

handbook Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Handbook
This IHC handbook offers insight into the multiple variables that impact IHC results plus includes standard IHC protocols and a technical troubleshooting guide to optimize your IHC experiments. Download

handbook ICC Handbook
This Immunocytochemistry (ICC) Handbook offers an introduction to ICC with a focus on the conceptual basics of multicolor ICC/IF, including detailed protocols and troubleshooting tips. It is a great resource for researchers new to ICC/IF as well as experienced users looking to brush up on their skills. Download


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