Bulk & Custom Orders

Bulk and custom orders

Bulk & Custom Orders

The Novus Biologicals portfolio contains over 80,000 unique primary antibodies. Despite the breadth of our catalog, we understand your research may require personalization. To keep your research moving forward, we provide custom services tailored to the specifications of your experiment. If you cannot locate the perfect product for your research, we will leverage the expertise of our Antibody Lab and relationships with global suppliers to deliver a product customized to your experiment. Let us simplify the design of your experiment and drive your research forward.

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Custom Buffers/Concentrations

At times, your experiment may require a custom antibody concentration or formulation not met by our catalog products. If you cannot locate a product on our website meeting the requirements of your experiment, then we will assist you. We offer many antibodies in custom concentrations and carrier-free formats (BSA, azide, etc).



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Custom Conjugation

The Novus portfolio contains over 55,000 unique antibody-dye combinations. However, your experiment may require personalization. To keep your research moving forward, our Antibody Lab will custom label many of the primary antibodies available on our website to over 18 different fluorescent or enzymatic labels.



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Primary Antibodies Selection / Antibody Sourcing

Our Technical Team can assist with you product selection and help you choose the best antibody for your research. If you have a list of targets you hope to find suitable products for, then please contact us. We will research our portfolio and deliver the best products for your particular needs.



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Custom Antibody Production

Novus offers custom antibody production services for both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. To inquire about custom antibody production, complete the form below.


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