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Primary Antibody Categories

Monoclonal Antibodies

Choose from over 25,000 monoclonal antibodies, including rabbit, rat, and mouse monoclonals.

Polyclonal Antibodies

Choose from over 50,000 polyclonal antibodies, including rabbit, goat, and mouse polyclonals.

Conjugated Primary Antibodies

Browse primary antibodies that are directly conjugated to over 40 unique fluorescent dyes or reporter enzymes.

Sample Size Antibodies

Find a primary antibody in a sample size to test it before purchasing a larger quantity.

Loading Control Antibodies

Browse loading control antibodies to ensure equal loading of a gel in western blot.

Cell Marker Antibodies

Find a primary antibody to identify cell markers, organelle markers, or subcellular localization .

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Primary Antibody Programs

Antibody Guarantee

We guarantee that every antibody we sell will work in the application and species listed.

Risk-free Testing

Try a primary antibody in an untested species or application without the financial risk of failure.

New Lab Program

Receive 20% off for 3 months and a new a kit full of useful lab tools.

Antibody Rewards Program

Review a primary antibody and earn rewards, including Amazon gift cards and product discounts.