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Browse all primary antibodies

Novus Biologicals offers a wide range of polyclonal and monoclonal primary antibodies including recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies for use in various applications including Flow Cytometry, Western Blot, ELISA, ICC and IHC. Our antibodies have been referenced in thousands of publications and are backed by our 100% guarantee. We have bulk and custom antibody services, including custom conjugation, to help you find the best antibody for your research need.

Primary Antibody Categories

Browse monoclonal antibodies from Novus Biologicals

Monoclonal Antibodies

Choose from over 30,000 monoclonal antibodies, including rabbit, rat, and mouse host-species monoclonals. Monoclonal antibodies offer many advantages including high reproducibility, enhanced specificity, and sensitivity.

Browse polyclonal antibodies from Novus Biologicals

Polyclonal Antibodies

Choose from over 65,000 polyclonal antibodies, including rabbit, goat, and mouse polyclonals. Polyclonal antibodies have the benefit of recognizing multiple epitopes, providing high antibody affinity. Additionally, polyclonals are recommended when detecting a native protein.

Browse Recombinant Antibodies from Novus Biologicals

Recombinant Antibodies

Browse recombinant monoclonal antibodies to more than 1,600 unique targets, designed to decrease lot-to-lot variability and increase reproducibility. Recombinant monoclonal antibodies provide superior sensitivity and consistency.

Browse Knockout (KO) Validated Antibodies from Novus Biologicals

Knockout (KO) Validated Antibodies

Choose from our selection of over 900 KO validated antibodies. Gene KO is the ideal tool for antibody-specificity validation. To remove unreliability Novus Biologicals participates in global initiatives devoted to standardizing antibody validation.

Browse conjugated primary antibodies from Novus Biologicals

Conjugated Primary Antibodies

Browse primary antibodies that are directly conjugated to over 25 unique fluorescent dyes or reporter enzymes, including a variety of Alexa Fluor® and Janelia Fluor® dyes, PE, Biotin, and FITC conjugated antibodies.

Browse sample size antibodies from Novus Biologicals

Sample Size Antibodies

Find a primary antibody in a sample size to test it before purchasing a larger quantity. Trial antibodies in smaller sizes first and find the best ones for your research.

Browse loading control antibodies from Novus Biologicals

Loading Control Antibodies

A loading control is an antibody that is specific for a ubiquitously and constitutively expressed protein. Browse loading control antibodies to normalize protein levels ensure equal loading of a gel in western blot.

Browse cell marker antibodies from Novus Biologicals

Cell Marker Antibodies

Find a primary antibody to identify cell markers, organelle markers, or subcellular localization. Cell Marker types include Fibroblast Cell Markers, Mitochondrial Markers, and Plasma Membrane Markers.

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Antibody Guarantee

We guarantee that every antibody we sell will work in the application and species listed. That's our Novus 100% Guarantee!

Risk-free Testing

Try a primary antibody in an untested species or application without the financial risk of failure.

New Lab Program

Receive 20% off for 3 months and a new kit full of useful lab tools.

Antibody Rewards Program

Review a primary antibody and earn rewards, including Amazon gift cards and product discounts. Submit your Simple Western antibody validation data and get a free Separation or Detection Module.

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