Novus Biologicals offers antibody products to over 15,900 genes

Novus currently offers antibody products to 15,978 genes, spanning a myriad of research areas. The research area with the largest selection antibody products to unique genes is Cancer (1209 products), followed by Signal Transduction (1099 products), Stem Cell Markers (734 products), and Cell Cycle and Replication (694 products). Offering a large selection of high-quality antibodies corresponds with Novus’ mission to contribute to and advance the progress of scientific research.

Novus’ antibody database is rapidly growing, with an addition of 14,310 primary antibodies in 2010 thus far. The selection of products includes primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, lysates, peptides and proteins, and RNAi. Multiple antibodies to related targets are also available collectively as antibody packs for a discounted price. Novus also offers antibody purification kits and epitope tag kits. Novus’ large selection of Lightning-Link Antibody Labeling Kits is also available, allowing researchers to quickly and easily label antibodies and proteins to a variety of fluorophores.

A large assortment of research area specific technical catalogs are available. These catalogs include Lipid and Metabolism Research, GPCR, Apoptosis, Autophagy, Hypoxia, DNA Repair, Stem Cells, Cancer, Neuroscience, Markers and Immunology. Catalogs for Secondary Antibodies and Ancillary Products (fluorescent labeling kits, epitope tagging kits, ATPase/GTPase assay kits, and ELISA kits) are also available.

The goal of Novus Biologicals is to provide an extensive and comprehensive selection of products to facilitate scientific research and to reflect current research trends in the science community. From high-quality products that have been used for years to untested custom products, Novus is dedicated to offering an up-to-date, broad range of products relevant to all bioscience researchers.


For more information or to order research area specific technical catalogs, please contact the Novus Biologicals by calling 303-730-1950 or via e-mail at


Release Date: 
Friday, July 23, 2010 - 06:00