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Cancer Research

NPC1: A Potential Target For Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Understanding ‘Y’ in Breast Cancer: Crucial Role of DNA/RNA-binding Protein YB-1 in the Development, Pre-Invasive, and Metastatic Phases

Breast cancer stem cells survive chemotherapy through S100A10-ANXA2-SPT6 interaction that epigenetically promotes OCT4-mediated stemness

Deficiency of GluT1 leads to neurological problems while excess is involved in cancers

Detecting HIF alpha and beyond: Best controls for hypoxia Western blot analysis

Suppressing breast cancer metastasis: The role of hypoxia-induced RhoB expression and activation

The Ins and Outs of Survivin

Chromatin reader domains of DNMT-targeting protein, UHRF1, are responsible for cancerous DNA hypermethylation

Stemness is responsible for onset and metastasis of colorectal cancer

Success of combined IL-10 and IL-12 therapy in colon cancer depends on IFN-gamma and gut barrier integrity