Taking Biomarker Discovery From 2D to 3D: Increased Biological Activity of EVs Isolated From 3D Prostate Cancer Cultures

Stemness is responsible for onset and metastasis of colorectal cancer

The Osteopontin Antibody and Hepatic Research

Antibody suppliers, such as us at Novus Biologicals, supply a wide range of cell marker products, among them the Osteopontin antibody. Recently, the osteopontin antibody has proven useful in hepatic cancer research.

Osteopontin (OPN) is mainly expressed by the osteoblasts; its primary function is in the mineralization of bone. However, OPN is expressed to a lower degree in other areas of the body, being involved in cell adhesion, cell migration and the inflammatory response.

CD Antibodies Uncover Markers for Rare Breast Cancer

We at Novus Biologicals have added several new products to our CD antibody database. The CD, or Cluster of Differential proteins are a family of type I transmembrane glycoproteins widely expressed in immune cell populations. These include B cells, thymocytes and peripheral T cells. Widely used as cell markers, a recent antibody study identified three CD proteins - CD44+, CD49fhi, and CD133hi – as new cell markers in an aggressive, but uncommon type of breast cancer.