Novus' NSP 5 alpha 3 alpha Antibody Cited in Oncotarget Journal Article

Apoptosis is critical to maintenance of homeostasis in normal cells as well as the proliferation of tumor causing cancer cells. The programmed cell death mechanism is typically initiated by one of two pathways. The extrinsic pathway is triggered by external stimuli binding to specific membrane receptors, whereas the intrinsic pathway is prompted by internal stimuli such as oxidative stress, DNA damage, hypoxia, etc. The intrinsic pathway occurs through the activation of the apoptosis regulator protein p53, or its family members p63 and p73.

The Novel Structural Protein (NSP) isoform 5a3a has previously been found highly expressed in vitro in some aggressive cancer lines, but is undetectable in normal tissues. Additionally, this protein has been shown to interact with the nucleolar apoptosis protein B23. D’agostino et al. hypothesized that NSP5a3a plays role in apoptosis regulation of some cancer lines, and therefore may be an important target for novel site directed cancer treatments.

Overexpression of NSP5a3a in the invasive and well-differentiated human head and neck squamous carcinoma cancer line (HN30) showed an 11-13.5 fold increase in apoptosis. Similar results were seen in the control human fetal lung fibroblast line (WI38). However, no increase in apoptosis was observed in the p53 non-functional mutant human head and neck hypopharyngeal carcinoma cell line (Fadu). Molecular analysis revealed that p53 levels were unaffected in all three lines, and that p73 was down-regulated in the HN30 & WI38 lines, but not in Fadu. These findings indicate that NSP5a3a is involved in a novel p73 dependent/p53 independent apoptosis mechanism, making it an important potential target for future cancer treatment research.

Novus Biologicals’ NSP 5 alpha 3 alpha Antibody (catalog number NB100-517) was prominently cited throughout this article, and the authors give special thanks to Novus in the Acknowledgements section for their top quality antibodies and ongoing technical support.

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