Lysosomal Dysfunction is Linked to Exosomal Secretion

Targeting Success in CAR-T Therapy for Solid Tumors

CAR-T poster

By Jacqueline Carrico, BS, MD Candidate

ATPase inhibitory factor 1 provides mitochondrial explanation for cancer growth in hypoxia

TGF-beta for treating degenerative intervertebral disc disease

TGF-beta poster

By Jamshed Arslan Pharm.D.

Autophagy independent roles of the core ATG proteins

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Nuclear LC3: Why is it there and what is it doing?

CAR-T Cell Therapy: Refining the Approach in Solid Tumors

CAR-T Cell Killing

By Jacqueline Carrico, BS, MD Candidate

Killing two birds with one stone: Treating inflammation and cancer by inhibiting prolyl-4-hydroxylase-1

Getting Physical: Link between Lipid Metabolism and Hypoxia Target Genes

Autophagy Mechanisms

By Jamshed Arslan Pharm.D.