conjugated antibodies

Applications Guide: How to choose fluorophore combinations for Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is an experimental method that was developed to label and examine a high volume of cells in an extremely rapid rate using antibodies conjugated to fluorophores.  The basic concept of flow cytometry is that a cell suspension is situated into a single stream, which then passes through a light source that uses detectors to generate data sets based off cellular properties.  More specifically, the fluorescent light emitted by fluorophores conjugated to antibodies is channeled through selected filters to sort based off preset parameters or targets used.

Three tips to successfully conjugate your own antibody

Conjugated antibodies are essential research tools for countless cell and molecular assays. While much of the time a researcher’s needs can be met with the wide variety of commercially available antibody conjugates, some applications may call for a unique reagent. For this reason some scientists opt for the flexibility of conjugating their own antibodies.

Webinar: Multi-color fluorescence immunohistochemistry using primary antibodies raised in the same host species

Fluorescent probes conjugated to antibodies allow for simultaneous IHC detection of multiple antigens in the same tissue section. However, quite often conventional multi-color IHC cannot be done if only primary antibodies raised in the same host species are available to the researcher. To solve this problem, we developed a novel technique for performing multicolor fluorescence immunohistochemistry using primary antibodies derived from a single host source.

Novus has teamed up with R&D Systems to make great antibodies even better

Conjugated Antibodies to Enzymes, Fluorochromes and More

Conjugated antibodies are a useful research tool in a variety of applications, ranging from Western blot to flow cytometry. We at Novus Biologicals offer many primary antibodies conjugated to enzymes such as HRP, fluorochromes such as FITC, and others including biotin and cyanine dyes.