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Illuminating the Future of Biological Research: mFluor Violet Conjugated Antibodies

Wed, 09/20/2023 - 10:16

Orange antibodies with a purple-blue fluorescent conjugate emitting a purple light on a dark purple background.

By Emily Cartwright, PhD

The Power of Fluorescence in Biological Research

In the realm of modern biology, technological advancements are continually reshaping the landscape of scientific exploration. Fluorescence technology has revolutionized the way scientists study the intricate machinery of living cells. By tagging specific molecules, like antibodies, with fluorescent markers, researchers can visualize and track their movements and interactions within the cellular environment. This ability to observe biological processes in real time has unlocked new avenues of discovery, enabling breakthroughs in fields ranging from immunology to neuroscience.


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Enter mFluor Violet: Shedding Light on the Unseen

mFluorTM Violet, a class of fluorescent dyes, is a promising addition to the cellular biologist’s toolkit. They have large stoke shifts, excellent aqueous solubility, and have discrete emission spectra making them ideal for use in multicolor flow cytometry and microscopy experiments. Furthermore, when conjugated to antibodies, these dyes do not require the use of specialized buffers, offering researchers more flexibility and cost-effectiveness in experimental design. This adaptability to common laboratory buffers enhances convenience while maintaining the high-quality performance expected from advanced fluorescent labels.

An additional benefit of mFluor Violet-conjugated antibodies is their "fixability". This means that the fluorescence signal is preserved even after fixation procedures, enabling researchers to aquire their sample later, without compromising the integrity of the fluorescence intensity. This characteristic expands the utility of these antibodies, allowing a wider range of experimental approaches and facilitating the integration of results across various assays.


Four heatmap flow cytometry plots showing gating of relevant cell populations in multicolor flow cytometry panel.

mFluor Violet Conjugated Antibodies are Compatible in Multicolor Flow Cytometry Panels. Human PBMCs were expanded to day 14. Cells were harvested and stained with Anti-Human CD3 mFluor Violet 450 (mFV450), CD8 Alexa Fluor 700, CD4 mFluor Violet 500, CD69 PE, CD25 mFluor Violet 610, CD38 PerCP-Cy5.5, and HLA-DR PE-Cy7.


Bio-Techne has tapped into the potential of mFluor Violet dyes by offering them conjugated to over 3,000 primary antibodies. Combining our diverse portfolio of primary antibodies with mFluor Violet allows greater flexibility in flow cytometry panel design, providing researchers with a more comprehensive view of complex cellular systems.


Table of Excitation and Emission for mFluor™ Violet Dyes

  Excitation Max (nm) Emission Max (nm) Recommended Filter Set

mFluorTM Violet 450




mFluorTM Violet 500




mFluorTM Violet 610





Challenges and Future Prospects

While mFluor Violet-conjugated antibodies offer numerous advantages, researchers must also be mindful of potential challenges. Proper experimental design, careful compensation of fluorescence signals, and rigorous data analysis are essential to ensure accurate and reliable results. As with any cutting-edge technology, ongoing refinements and optimizations will likely improve the performance and versatility of these antibodies.


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mFluorTM is a trademark from AAT Bioquest, Inc.


Emily CartwrightEmily Cartwright, PhD
Senior Product Marketing Specialist at Novus Biologicals LLC


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