Novus Biologicals announces new antibody to ERR-alpha

Novus Biologicals' newest antibody, an Estrogen Related Receptor Alpha Antibody (catalog # NBP1-47254) is suitable for use in Immunocytochemistry and Western blot analysis.  The ERR alpha antibody was validated for ICC on HeLa cells and for Western blotting on A431 cell lysates, producing a band at approximately ~50kDa.  The immunogen of Novus' Estrogen-Related Receptor Alpha antibody was made to a synthetic peptide made to an N-terminal portion of the human ERR1 protein.

Estrogen-related receptor alpha (ERR alpha; NR3B1) is an orphan member of the superfamily of nuclear hormone receptors and is expressed in tissues that preferentially metabolize fatty acids.  ERR alpha was initially isolated based on its sequence homology to the estrogen receptor, however it is not activated by classic estrogens (Sladek R, et al. PMID: 9271417). Estrogen-Related Receptor Alpha is induced by PGC-1 alpha in a variety of cell types, including heart, kidney and muscle.  The ERR alpha/PGC-1 alpha complex is a regulator of energy metabolism, and in ERR alpha knockout mice, an impaired fat metabolism and absorption was displayed (Luo, J, et al. PMID: 14585956). In a study conducted by Sladek R, et al., it was demonstrated that ERR alpha can controlthe expression of medium-chain acylcoenzyme A dehydrogenase (ACADM), a critical enzyme implicated in the mitochondrialbeta-oxidation of fat, through the nuclear receptor response element 1 (NRRE-1).  These interactions show that ERR alpha may play an importantrole in regulating cellular energy balance in vivo.


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Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 21, 2010 - 06:00