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Mouse IL-1 alpha/IL-1F1 DuoSet ELISA, 15 Plate Summary

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Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA
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No significant interference observed with available related molecules.
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Alternate Names for Mouse IL-1 alpha/IL-1F1 DuoSet ELISA, 15 Plate

  • BAF
  • Hematopoietin-1
  • IL1 alpha
  • IL-1 alpha
  • IL1
  • IL1A
  • IL-1A
  • IL1F1
  • IL-1F1
  • IL1F1hematopoietin-1
  • interleukin 1, alpha
  • interleukin-1 alpha
  • LAF
  • LEM
  • preinterleukin 1 alpha
  • pro-interleukin-1-alpha


IL-1 alpha (Interleukin-1 alpha) is a cytokine that is induced during microbial exposure and promotes the release of multiple inflammatory mediators and acute phase proteins. It also supports hematopoietic stem cell expansion, promotes neutrophil mobilization from the bone marrow, and promotes osteoclast formation. IL-1 alpha signals through a receptor complex composed of IL-1 RI and IL-1 RAcP. It also binds the decoy receptor IL-1 RII which associates with IL-1 RAcP but does not transduce signaling.

Publications for IL-1 alpha/IL-1F1 (DY400)(39)

We have publications tested in 2 confirmed species: Mouse, Transgenic Mouse.

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Publications using DY400 Applications Species
Leinardi, R;Petriglieri, JR;Pochet, A;Yakoub, Y;Lelong, M;Lescoat, A;Turci, F;Lecureur, V;Huaux, F; Distinct Pro-Inflammatory Mechanisms Elicited by Short and Long Amosite Asbestos Fibers in Macrophages International journal of molecular sciences 2023-10-13 [PMID: 37894824] (Transgenic Mouse, Mouse) Transgenic Mouse, Mouse
Membrane-bound Interleukin-1 alpha mediates leukocyte adhesion during atherogenesis [PMID: 37701434] (Mouse) Mouse
Pérez-Cabello, JA;Silvera-Carrasco, L;Franco, JM;Capilla-González, V;Armaos, A;Gómez-Lima, M;García-García, R;Yap, XW;Leal-Lasarte, M;Lall, D;Baloh, RH;Martínez, S;Miyata, Y;Tartaglia, GG;Sawarkar, R;García-Domínguez, M;Pozo, D;Roodveldt, C; MAPK/MAK/MRK overlapping kinase (MOK) controls microglial inflammatory/type-I IFN responses via Brd4 and is involved in ALS Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2023-07-11 [PMID: 37399380] (Mouse) Mouse
S Li, Y Fang, Y Zhang, M Song, X Zhang, X Ding, H Yao, M Chen, Y Sun, J Ding, Q Wang, M Lu, G Wu, G Hu Microglial NLRP3 inflammasome activates neurotoxic astrocytes in depression-like mice Cell Reports, 2022-10-25;41(4):111532. 2022-10-25 [PMID: 36288697] (Mouse) Mouse
N Milad, M Pineault, F Tremblay, J Routhier, A Lechasseur, MJ Beaulieu, S Aubin, MC Morissette Smoking status impacts treatment efficacy in smoke-induced lung inflammation: A pre-clinical study Frontiers in Pharmacology, 2022-09-07;13(0):971238. 2022-09-07 [PMID: 36160400] (Mouse) Mouse
H Choe, BS Hausman, KM Hujer, O Akkus, PN Rather, Z Lee, RA Bonomo, EM Greenfield Acinetobacter quorum sensing contributes to inflammation-induced inhibition of orthopaedic implant osseointegration Oncogene, 2022-06-09;43(0):267-276. 2022-06-09 [PMID: 35678763] (Mouse) Mouse
BY Lee, EKJ Hogg, CR Below, A Kononov, A Blanco-Gom, F Heider, J Xu, C Hutton, X Zhang, T Scheidt, K Beattie, A Lamarca, M McNamara, JW Valle, C Jørgensen Heterocellular OSM-OSMR signalling reprograms fibroblasts to promote pancreatic cancer growth and metastasis Nature Communications, 2021-12-17;12(1):7336. 2021-12-17 [PMID: 34921158] (Mouse) Mouse
FRC Costa, JA Leite, DM Rassi, JF da Silva, J Elias-Oliv, JB Guimarães, MC Foss-Freit, NOS Câmara, A Pontillo, RC Tostes, JS Silva, D Carlos NLRP1 acts as a negative regulator of Th17 cell programming in mice and humans with autoimmune diabetes Cell Reports, 2021-05-25;35(8):109176. 2021-05-25 [PMID: 34038731] (Mouse) Mouse
B Ratitong, M Marshall, E Pearlman &beta-Glucan-stimulated neutrophil secretion of IL-1&alpha is independent of GSDMD and mediated through extracellular vesicles Cell Reports, 2021-05-18;35(7):109139. 2021-05-18 [PMID: 34010648] (Mouse, Transgenic Mouse) Mouse, Transgenic Mouse
M Najibi, HH Honwad, JA Moreau, SM Becker, JE Irazoqui A NOVEL NOX/PHOX-CD38-NAADP-TFEB AXIS IMPORTANT FOR MACROPHAGE ACTIVATION DURING BACTERIAL PHAGOCYTOSIS Autophagy, 2021-04-13;0(0):. 2021-04-13 [PMID: 33818279] (Mouse) Mouse
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