IL-27 Antibody


Western blot shows lysates of MT‑2 human T cell line and CHO Chinese hamster ovary cell line either mock transfected or transfected with human IL-27 p28/IL-27A. PVDF membrane was probed with 1 µg/mL of Goat more
Recombinant Human IL‑27 (Catalog # 2526‑IL) reduces the Encephalo­myocarditis Virus (EMCV)-induced cytopathy in the HepG2 human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line in a dose-dependent manner (orange line). more

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Applications WB, B/N, ELISA(Cap)

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IL-27 Antibody Summary

Mouse myeloma cell line NS0-derived recombinant human IL‑27 (R&D Systems, Catalog # 2526-IL)
Arg21-Lys229 (IL-27 EBI-3 subunit), Phe29-Pro243 (IL-27 p28 subunit)
Accession # Q14213 (EBI-3 subunit), AAM34498 (p28 subunit)
Detects human IL-27 in ELISAs and Western blots. In sandwich immunoassays, less than 0.2% cross-reactivity with recombinant mouse IL‑27, recombinant human (rh) IL‑12, and rhIL-12 p40 is observed.
Immunogen affinity purified
Endotoxin Note
<0.10 EU per 1 μg of the antibody by the LAL method.
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  • Western Blot 1 ug/mL
  • ELISA Capture (Matched Antibody Pair) 0.2-0.8 ug/mL
  • ELISA Detection (Matched Antibody Pair) 0.1-0.4 ug/mL
  • Neutralization 1-5 ug/mL
  • ELISA Standard (Matched Pair)
Application Notes
ELISA Capture: Human IL-27 Antibody (Catalog # AF2526)
ELISA Detection: Human IL-27 Biotinylated Antibody (Catalog # BAF2526)
Standard: Recombinant Human IL-27 (Catalog # 2526-IL)
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Packaging, Storage & Formulations

Use a manual defrost freezer and avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
  • 12 months from date of receipt, -20 to -70 °C as supplied.
  • 1 month, 2 to 8 °C under sterile conditions after reconstitution.
  • 6 months, -20 to -70 °C under sterile conditions after reconstitution.
Lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered solution in PBS with Trehalose. *Small pack size (SP) is supplied as a 0.2 µm filtered solution in PBS.
No Preservative
Immunogen affinity purified
Reconstitution Instructions
Reconstitute at 0.2 mg/mL in sterile PBS.


This product is produced by and ships from R&D Systems, Inc., a Bio-Techne brand.

Alternate Names for IL-27 Antibody

  • IL-27 p28 subunit
  • IL-27 subunit alpha
  • IL27
  • IL-27
  • IL27A
  • IL-27-A
  • IL27-A
  • IL27p28
  • IL30
  • interleukin 27
  • interleukin 30
  • interleukin-27 subunit alpha
  • MGC71873
  • p28IL-27A


IL-27 is a heterodimeric group 2 receptor ligand molecule that belongs to the IL-6/IL-12 family of long type I cytokines (1). It is composed of EBI3 (EBV-induced gene 3), also known as IL27B, a 34 kDa glycoprotein that is related to the p40 subunit of IL-12 and IL-23, and p28, also known as IL27A, the 28 kDa glycoprotein that is related to the p35 chain of IL-12 (2-4). The human EBI3 gene encodes a 229 amino acid (aa) precursor that contains a 20 aa signal peptide and 209 aa mature protein (5). The mature region contains two potential N-linked glycosylation sites, two fibronectin type III domains, and two pairs of conserved cysteine residues with a WSXWS-like motif that places the molecule in the hematopoietin receptor family (5). Although p40, the EBI3 counterpart in IL-12, is known to form homodimers, there is no evidence to date that EBI3 also homodimerizes. Human EBI3 is 61% aa identical to mouse EBI3. The human p28 gene encodes a 243 aa precursor that contains a 28 aa signal sequence and 215 aa mature region (6). The mature region is characterized by the presence of four alpha -helices, placing it in the IL-6 family of helical cytokines. Human p28 is 74% aa identical to mouse p28. IL-27 is expressed by monocytes, endothelial cells and dendritic cells (7). IL-27 binds to and signals through a heterodimeric receptor complex composed of WSX-1 (TCCR) and gp130. Evidence suggests IL-27 interacts only with WSX-1 (6, 8, 9). IL-27 has both anti- and proinflammatory properties. As an anti‑inflammatory, IL-27 seems to induce a general negative feedback program that limits T and NK-T cell activity (3, 7). At the onset of infection, IL-27 induces an IL‑12 receptor on naïve CD4+ T cells, making them susceptible to subsequent IL-12 activity (and possible Th1 development) (10).

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  10. Holscher, C. (2004) Med. Microbiol. Immunol. (Berl).193:1.


This product is for research use only and is not approved for use in humans or in clinical diagnosis. Primary Antibodies are guaranteed for 1 year from date of receipt.

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Publications for IL-27 Antibody (AF2526)(10)

We have publications tested in 1 confirmed species: Human.

We have publications tested in 4 applications: ELISA Capture, ELISA Development, IHC Not Specified, Neut.

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JK Sprokholt, TM Kaptein, JL van Hamme, RJ Overmars, SI Gringhuis, TBH Geijtenbee RIG-I-like receptor activation by dengue virus drives follicular T helper cell formation and antibody production PLoS Pathog., 2017;13(11):e1006738. 2017 [PMID: 29186193] (Neut,, Human) Neut Human
I Gregersen, Ø Sandanger, ET Askevold, EL Sagen, K Yang, S Holm, TM Pedersen, M Skjelland, K Krohg-Søre, TV Hansen, TB Dahl, K Otterdal, T Espevik, P Aukrust, A Yndestad, B Halvorsen Interleukin 27 is increased in carotid atherosclerosis and promotes NLRP3 inflammasome activation PLoS ONE, 2017;12(11):e0188387. 2017 [PMID: 29176764] (Neut,, Human) Neut Human
N Gajanayaka, S O'Hara, Y Konarski, J Fernandes, K Muthumani, M Kozlowski, JB Angel, A Kumar HIV and HIV-Tat inhibit LPS-induced IL-27 production in human macrophages by distinct intracellular signaling pathways J. Leukoc. Biol., 2017;0(0):. 2017 [PMID: 28698313] (ELISA Capture,, Human) ELISA Capture Human
A Garg, R Trout, SA Spector Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells Inhibit Cytomegalovirus Inflammation through Interleukin-27 and B7-H4 Sci Rep, 2017;7(0):44485. 2017 [PMID: 28338007] (Neut,, Human) Neut Human
G Tan, Q Xiao, H Song, F Ma, F Xu, D Peng, N Li, X Wang, J Niu, P Gao, FX Qin, G Cheng Type I IFN augments IL-27-dependent TRIM25 expression to inhibit HBV replication Cell. Mol. Immunol, 2017;0(0):. 2017 [PMID: 28194021] (Neut,, Human) Neut Human
Xie M, Mustovich A, Jiang Y, Trudeau J, Ray A, Ray P, Hu H, Holguin F, Freeman B, Wenzel S IL-27 and type 2 immunity in asthmatic patients: association with severity, CXCL9, and signal transducer and activator of transcription signaling. J Allergy Clin Immunol, 2015;135(2):386-94. 2015 [PMID: 25312760] (IHC Not Specified,, Human) IHC Not Specified Human
Gringhuis S, Kaptein T, Wevers B, van der Vlist M, Klaver E, van Die I, Vriend L, de Jong M, Geijtenbeek T Fucose-based PAMPs prime dendritic cells for follicular T helper cell polarization via DC-SIGN-dependent IL-27 production. Nat Commun, 0;5(0):5074. 0 [PMID: 25278262] (Neut,, Human) Neut Human
Fitzgerald D, Fonseca-Kelly Z, Cullimore M, Safabakhsh P, Saris C, Zhang G, Rostami A Independent and interdependent immunoregulatory effects of IL-27, IFN-beta, and IL-10 in the suppression of human Th17 cells and murine experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. J Immunol, 2013;190(7):3225-34. 2013 [PMID: 23455508] (Neut,, Human) Neut Human
Ramgolam VS, Sha Y, Marcus KL, Choudhary N, Troiani L, Chopra M, Markovic-Plese S B cells as a therapeutic target for IFN-beta in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. J. Immunol., 2011;186(0):4518. 2011 [PMID: 21368231] (Neut,, Human) Neut Human
Kalliolias GD, Gordon RA, Ivashkiv LB Suppression of TNF-alpha and IL-1 signaling identifies a mechanism of homeostatic regulation of macrophages by IL-27. J. Immunol., 2010;185(11):7047-56. 2010 [PMID: 20971923] (ELISA Development,, Human) ELISA Development Human

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