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Human IGF-I/IGF-1 DuoSet ELISA, 15 Plate Summary

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Solid Phase Sandwich ELISA
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No significant interference observed with available related molecules.
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Alternate Names for Human IGF-I/IGF-1 DuoSet ELISA, 15 Plate

  • IBP1
  • IGF1
  • IGF-1
  • IGF1A
  • IGFI
  • IGF-I
  • IGF-IA
  • IGF-IB
  • insulin-like growth factor 1 (somatomedin C)
  • insulin-like growth factor 1
  • insulin-like growth factor I
  • insulin-like growth factor IA
  • insulin-like growth factor IB
  • Mechano growth factor
  • MGF
  • Somatomedin A
  • Somatomedin C
  • somatomedin-C


Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1, also known as somatomedin C) is a 7.6 kDa, 70 amino acid (aa) polypeptide with three internal disulfide bonds. The sequence of human IGF-1 is identical to that of bovine and porcine IGF-1, and is 70% identical to human IGF2. IGF-1 is a single-chain molecule with about 50% identity to the sequences of the A- and B-chains of human insulin. 

IGF-1 is a growth hormone that plays a role in a variety of biological events. It is produced primarily by hepatocytes, serving an endocrine function. It is also produced by many other cells, where it may act in an autocrine or paracrine manner. It binds two tyrosine kinase receptors, the IGF-1 receptor (IGF1R) and the insulin receptor, to initiate downstream events like the AKT and PI3K signal transduction pathways. This triggers cell proliferation and protects cells from apoptosis. IGF-1 also interacts with seven IGF-binding proteins (IGFBP-1 through IGFBP7), influencing IGF-1 binding to IGF1R and increasing IGF-1 half-life to closely regulate IGF-1 signaling. For example, IGFBP-3 binds over 90% of the total IGF in serum in a complex of IGF, IGFBP, and an acid-labile subunit. This ternary complex greatly stabilizes IGF in the circulation, changing the half-life from minutes to hours. Proteases also facilitate IGF-1R binding by cleaving IGFBPs to modify their affinity for IGF or completely eliminate the IGFBP. The interactions of IGF, IGFBP, IGFBP proteases, and IGF receptors are referred to as the IGF axis. 

The IGF axis affects many primary physiological and pathological processes, including development, growth, metabolic regulation, tumorigenesis, atherosclerosis, and angiogenesis. Its ability to inhibit apoptosis and stimulate cell growth and proliferation plays a significant role in prenatal development, growth to adulthood, and metabolic control. Serum levels of IGF-1 have been reported to increase from birth to puberty, followed by a slow decline through adulthood. IGF-1 also induces amino acid uptake, protein synthesis, and glucose utilization. In the brain, IGF-1 acts as a neurotrophic factor to promote neurogenesis and neuronal survival. Exercise increases levels of IGF-1 in blood serum, indicating it plays a role as a key mediator of exercise-induced neurogenesis.

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Publications for IGF-I/IGF-1 (DY291)(34)

We have publications tested in 3 confirmed species: Human, Rat, Equine.

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Publications using DY291 Applications Species
A Silva-Reis, MA Rodrigues, R Moraes-Fer, TG Gonçalves-, VH Souza-Palm, HC Aquino-San, ALL Bachi, LVF de Oliveir, RÁB Lopes-Mart, I Oliveira-S, R Albertini, CR Frison, RP Vieira Combined resistance and aerobic training improves lung function and mechanics and fibrotic biomarkers in overweight and obese women Frontiers in Physiology, 2022;13(0):946402. 2022 [PMID: 36160852] (Human) Human
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NW Kieran, R Suresh, MF Dorion, A MacDonald, M Blain, D Wen, SC Fuh, F Ryan, RJ Diaz, JA Stratton, SK Ludwin, JA Sonnen, J Antel, LM Healy MicroRNA-210 regulates the metabolic and inflammatory status of primary human astrocytes Journal of Neuroinflammation, 2022;19(1):10. 2022 [PMID: 34991629] (Human) Human
D Mazurkiewi, M Bronkowska Circulating Insulin and IGF-1 and Frequency of Food Consumption during Pregnancy as Predictors of Birth Weight and Length Nutrients, 2021;13(7):. 2021 [PMID: 34371854] (Human) Human
T Xie, V Kulur, N Liu, N Deng, Y Wang, SC Rowan, C Yao, G Huang, X Liu, F Taghavifar, J Liang, C Hogaboam, B Stripp, P Chen, D Jiang, PW Noble Mesenchymal growth hormone receptor deficiency leads to failure of alveolar progenitor cell function and severe pulmonary fibrosis Science Advances, 2021;7(24):. 2021 [PMID: 34108218] (Human) Human
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F Kurniawan, DL Tahapary, K de Ruiter, E Yunir, NR Biermasz, JWA Smit, T Supali, E Sartono, M Yazdanbakh, P Soewondo Effect of anthelmintic treatment on serum free IGF-1 and IGFBP-3: a cluster-randomized-controlled trial in Indonesia Sci Rep, 2020;10(1):19023. 2020 [PMID: 33149205] (Human) Human
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