alpha Tubulin

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Western blotting is one of the most commonly used antibody assay techniques in cell and molecular biology research since its development over three decades ago, and is considered the gold standard for protein detection and quantification.

Alpha Tubulin: A Fundamental Cytoskeleton Protein with Many Roles

The cytoskeleton is consists of three major type of cytosolic fibers: microtubules, microfilaments (actin filaments), and intermediate filaments. Tubulins are the microtubule building block and exist as globular dimeric proteins of alpha/beta chains. There are five distinct forms: alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and epsilon tubulin.

Time to Start Actin Like a Reliable 'Housekeeper'!

A growing body of data and studies using actin antibodies supports a view of the actin cytoskeleton of smooth muscle cells as a dynamic structure that plays an integral role in regulating the development of mechanical tension and the material properties of smooth muscle tissues.