Housekeeping gene

Time to Start Actin Like a Reliable 'Housekeeper'!

A growing body of data and studies using actin antibodies supports a view of the actin cytoskeleton of smooth muscle cells as a dynamic structure that plays an integral role in regulating the development of mechanical tension and the material properties of smooth muscle tissues.

The GAPDH Antibody in Western blot Assays

The loading controls on our antibody database are widely used in gel electrophoresis and Western blotting studies. Products like the GAPDH antibody detect "housekeeping" proteins which are abundantly distributed in cells. This makes them useful for checking the even loading of gel samples, and the even transfer of proteins at the blotting stage. They also serve a purpose in quality control, by verifying reagents are working correctly, and in the standardization of experimental results.

The GAPDH Antibody: A ChIP Off the Old Block

GAPDH antibodies are commonly used as a loading control, due to GAPDH's widespread function as a house-keeping protein. As a leading scientific research antibody supplier, Novus Biologicals offer a wide range of GAPDH antibody reagents and support products.

Using Ubiquitin Antibodies in Various Disease Research

Ubiquitin is a small, highly conserved protein which plays an important role in protein breakdown, covalently bonding to proteins to mark them for proteolytic degradation in a process called ubiquitination. Ubiquitin also binds to inclusion bodies (accumulations of protein) in pathological conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's disease.

Actin Nucleators and Other Developments in Actin Antibody Research

A highly conserved, abundant protein found in practically all eukaryotic cells, actin is a monomeric subunit of skeletal muscle thin filaments, and cytoskeleton microfilaments. Actin antibody products are routinely used in cell marker and loading control assays. However, actin antibody reagents are also used for cytoskeleton, cell motility, cytokinesis and cell signalling research.

The Beta-actin Antibody as a Loading Control

One of six actin isoforms so far identified, beta actin is a highly conserved cytoskeletal protein involved in cell structure, motility, and cohesion. We at Novus Biologicals have many different beta-actin products in our catalog, used in areas such as cytoskeleton and signal transduction research. They are also used as loading controls in protein assays. Beta-actin is known as a “housekeeping” protein, i.e.

The GAPDH Antibody: A Diverse Area of Research

The glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase, or GAPDH enzyme plays an important role in the conversion of glucose for energy, catalyzing the sixth step of the glycolytic pathway. A common and widely expressed protein, GAPDH mRNA is often used as a standard in mRNA studies. GAPDH antibody products are also used as a loading control in Western blot assays. We at Novus Biologicals have 55 GAPDH antibody products on our antibody database.