p14ARF/CDKN2A Antibody


Western Blot: p14ARF Antibody [NB200-111] - Analysis of p14ARF Antibody in HeLa whole cell lysate (lot C).
Immunocytochemistry/ Immunofluorescence: p14ARF Antibody [NB200-111] - p14ARF antibody was tested in HeLa cells with Dylight 488 (green). Nuclei were counterstained with DAPI (blue). Tubulin was stained with alpha ...read more
Flow Cytometry: p14ARF Antibody [NB200-111] - p14ARF antibody was tested at 1:400 in HeLa cells using an Alexa Fluor 488 secondary (shown in purple). M1 is defined by unstained cells.

Product Details

Reactivity Hu, MuSpecies Glossary
Applications WB, ELISA, Flow, ICC/IF, IHC, IHC-Fr, IHC-P, IP
1.0 mg/ml

p14ARF/CDKN2A Antibody Summary

A synthetic peptide made to a portion of human p14ARF (between residues 50-150). [Swiss-Prot# Q8N726]
Immunogen affinity purified
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Packaging, Storage & Formulations

Aliquot and store at -20C or -80C. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.
0.05% Sodium Azide
1.0 mg/ml
Immunogen affinity purified


Application Notes
This p14ARF antibody is used for Western blotting, where a band is seen at where a band is seen at ~16 kDa, representing p14ARF (p14ARF tends to run slightly higher than the theoretical MW of 14 kDa). Additional faint bands may be seen at ~32 and 47 kDa. WB application of this product is mentioned in publication with PMID: 21636682. In ICC/IF, nuclear focal staining was observed in HeLa cells.
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Reactivity Notes

NB 200-111 reacts with human p14 ARF.

Alternate Names for p14ARF/CDKN2A Antibody

  • ARF
  • CDK4 inhibitor p16-INK4
  • CDK4I
  • CDKN2
  • CDKN2A
  • cell cycle negative regulator beta
  • CMM2P16-INK4A
  • Cyclin-dependent kinase 4 inhibitor A
  • cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A (melanoma, p16, inhibits CDK4)
  • cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A
  • INK4
  • INK4a
  • MLM
  • MLMP16INK4
  • MTS-1
  • MTS1P14
  • Multiple tumor suppressor 1
  • p14
  • p14ARF
  • p16
  • p16-INK4
  • P16INK4A
  • p16-INK4a
  • P19
  • p19ARF
  • TP16


The INK4a-ARF locus is comprised of two tumor suppressors, p16INK4a and p14ARF. These two proteins are encoded through differential splicing of alternative first exons. The p16INK4a (exon 1 alpha) protein inhibits the cyclin D-dependent kinases (CDK) that control the phosphorylation of the Rb protein and cell proliferation. The p14ARF gene product complexes with the MDM2 protein within the nucleus, thus modulating the activity of the p53 protein. P14ARF is a potent tumor suppressor in the presence of wild-type p53, while mutant p53 substantially reduces growth inhibition by p14ARF.


This product is for research use only and is not approved for use in humans or in clinical diagnosis. Primary Antibodies are guaranteed for 1 year from date of receipt.

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Publications for p14ARF/CDKN2A Antibody (NB200-111)(15)

We have publications tested in 2 confirmed species: Human, Mouse.

We have publications tested in 4 applications: ICC/IF, IHC, IP, WB.

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Publications using NB200-111 Applications Species
Ghosh M, Ryan RO. Curcumin homing to the nucleolus: mechanism for initiation of an apoptotic program. J Nutr. Biochem. 2014 Aug 01 [PMID:25172633] (WB, Human) WB Human
Hamilton Garth, Abraham Aswin G, Morton Jennifer et al. AKT regulates NPM dependent ARF localization and p53mut stability in tumors. Oncotarget. 2014 Aug 15 [PMID:25071014] (ICC/IF) ICC/IF
Williams RT, Barnhill LM, Kuo HH et al. Chimeras of p14ARF and p16: Functional Hybrids with the Ability to Arrest Growth. PLoS ONE 2014 Feb 7 [PMID:24505435] (WB, Human) WB Human
Chio II, Sasaki M, Ghazarian D, Moreno J, Done S, Ueda T, Inoue S, Chang YL, Chen NJ, Mak TW. TRADD contributes to tumour suppression by regulating ULF-dependent p19(Arf) ubiquitylation. Nat Cell Biol;14(6):625-33. 2012 May 6. [PMID:22561347] (WB, Mouse, Human) WB Mouse, Human
Muniz V, Barnes JM, Paliwal S et al. The ARF tumor suppressor inhibits tumor cell colonization independent of p53 in a novel mouse model of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma metastasis. Mol Cancer Res 9(7):867-77. 2011 Jul. [PMID:21636682] (WB, Mouse) WB Mouse
Chen D, Yoon JB, Gu W. Reactivating the ARF-p53 axis in AML cells by targeting ULF. Cell Cycle 2010 Aug 1 [PMID:20699639] (IP, Human) IP Human
Greiner T. Who chooses the leaders of UN organisations? Lancet 2010 Mar 27 [PMID:20346814] (Human) Human
Chen D, Shan J, Zhu WG, Qin J, Gu Wet al. Transcription-independent ARF regulation in oncogenic stress-mediated p53 responses. Nature 2010 Mar 25 [PMID:20208519] (IP, Human) IP Human
Wang W-H, Hullinger RL, risani OM. Hepatitis B virus X protein via the p38MAPK pathway induces E2F1 release and ATR kinase activation mediating p53 apoptosis. J Biol Chem 283(37):25455-67. 2008 Sep 12. [PMID:18606816] (WB, Mouse) WB Mouse
Freedberg DE et al. Frequent p16-independent inactivation of p14ARF in human melanoma. J Natl Cancer Inst 100(11):784-95. 2008 Jun 4. [PMID:18505964] (IHC, Human) IHC Human
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Western Blot p14ARF/CDKN2A NB200-111
reviewed by:
WB Human 05/29/2014


ApplicationWestern Blot
Sample TestedYoung and senescent cells
CommentsIts difficult to detect this protein because of low abundance in cells. A longer exposure helps capture the signal.


Blocking Details5% BSA in 1X PBS

Primary Anitbody

Dilution Ratio1:1000 in 1X PBS with troton X-100 (0.1%) at 4 degree O/N

Secondary Antibody

Secondary DescriptionGoat anti rabbit-HRP conjugated
Secondary Manufacturer Cat#65-6120
Secondary Concentration1:20,000


Detection NotesECL, 5 min exposure with film


CommentsIts difficult to detect this protein because of low abundance in cells. A longer exposure helps capture the signal.

Product General Protocols

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Video Protocols

WB Video Protocol
ICC/IF Video Protocol

FAQs for p14ARF/CDKN2A Antibody (NB200-111). (Showing 1 - 2 of 2 FAQs).

  1. While looking for antibodies targeting human p14ARF, I found a question: Based on the information on UniProt, human p14ARF has the length of only 132 a.a. However, the immunogen of NB200-159 is described as... between residue 125 and the C-terminus (residue 173)...,...between residues 100-173... for NB110-59085, and...between residues 50-150... for NB200-111.
    • Since these antibodies were produced, UniProt has since truncated the protein sequence. These antibodies are still directed towards p14ARF and the immunogens will be updated on our website to the updated amino acid ranges. Since you won't be able to see this until this weekend or early next week, the immunogen for NB200-111 falls between amino acids 50 and 132. The immunogen for NB200-159 falls between amino acids 90 and 132 and the immunogen for NB110-59085 falls between amino acids 50 and 132.
  2. Do you measure the isotype purity of NB200-111? I realize this is antigen affinity purified, and will be almost completely IgG, but do you measure for IgA/M amount by chance?
    • We unfortunately do not measure isotype purity for our products.

Positive Control Lysate(s)

Secondary Antibodies


Isotype Controls

Other Available Formats

Alexa Fluor (R) 405 Labeled NB200-111AF405
Alexa Fluor (R) 488 Labeled NB200-111AF488
Alexa Fluor (R) 647 Labeled NB200-111AF647
Alexa Fluor (R) 700 Labeled NB200-111AF700
Biotin Labeled NB200-111B
DyLight 405 Labeled NB200-111V
DyLight 488 Labeled NB200-111G
DyLight 550 Labeled NB200-111R
DyLight 650 Labeled NB200-111C
FITC Labeled NB200-111F
HRP Labeled NB200-111H
PE Labeled NB200-111PE

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p14ARF/CDKN2A NB200-111

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Gene Symbol CDKN2A

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