Why LC3B Antibodies Make Ideal Autophagosomes Membrane Markers

Tue, 05/24/2016 - 15:07

The human form of microtubule-associated protein light chain 3 (LC3) is expressed as 3 splice variants; LC3ALC3B and LC3C (He et al., 2003). LC3B is a subunit of the MAP1A and MAP1B microtubule-binding proteins and plays a central role in autophagosome membrane structure. This ubiquitin-like modifier is known to be involved in early stages of autophagosome formation and specifically with phagophore membrane elongation. LC3B also interacts with autophagy receptors such as p62/SQSTM1 and NBR1 during substrate selection for autophagic degradation. (Johansen et al., 2011).

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Researchers using LC3B knock out mice to determine if LC3 is required for autophagy found that the mice do develop normally, likely due to a compensatory autophagy mechanism by other members of the MAP1LC3 subfamily (Cann, et al. 2008).

During early stages of autophagosome formation, the cytosolic form of LC3, known as LC3-I, becomes conjugated to the head of a lipid via a series of ubiquitin-like reactions. This lipid modified form of LC3, known as LC3-II, is then believed to be recruited for autophagosome membrane expansion and fusion. Detecting the conversion of LC3-I (~19 kDa) to LC3-II (~17 kDa) is considered a useful, if not definitive (Giménez-Xavier et al., 2008), autophagy marker in mammalian cells. Unlike LC3A and LC3C however, LC3B does not undergo C-terminal cleavage and exists in a single modified form with an essential site for post-translation modification at Lys-122 rather than the conserved Gly-120 of the other two variants (He et al., 2003).

Antibodies to all three LC3 splice variants are widely used as markers of autophagosomes. For example, Novus’ LC3B/MAP1LC3B Antibody [NB100-2220] has been cited for use as an autophagosome marker in over 400 published research articles in a wide variety of applications. In one recent study, researchers used Novus’ LC3B/MAP1LC3B Antibodies [NB100-2220] and [NB600-1384] and recombinant proteins LC3A [H00084557-P01] and LC3B [H00081631-P01] to determine the distinct sub-cellular expression patterns of LC3B (Koukourakis et al., 2015). In another study, the LC3B antibody [NB100-2220] was used to monitor autophagy during exercise and insulin stimulation in skeletal muscle (Fritzen et al., 2016).

LC3B antibody, immunofluorescence in HeLa cells LC3B antibody, immunohistochemistry in cerebral cortex tissue

Immunofluorescence using LC3B/MAP1LC3B antibody (1251A) [NBP2-46892] in HeLa cells.

Immunohistochemistry of LC3B/MAP1LC3B antibody [NB100-2220] in cerebral cortex tissue.

In many studies, researchers have used Novus’ fluorescent conjugated LC3B/MAP1LC3B antibodies for autophagosome labeling in immunofluorescence and flow cytometry applications. For instance, researchers used the DyLight-conjugated LC3B/MAP1LC3B antibody [NB100-2220G] to report a link between AKT mediated glycolytic metabolism and autophagy (Matta et al., 2015). Additionally, Novus’ AlexaFlour-conjugated LC3B/MAP1LC3B antibody [NB100-2220AF488] on cultured monocytes to label autophagosomes (Yuan et al. 2015).

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