Novus launches new PICK1 antibody

Novus released a new PICK1 antibody for the study of signal transduction and vision research. This chicken polyclonal antibody is made to the C-terminus of the rat-PICK1 protein and comes in a 0.1mL aliquot (cat. # NBP1-42829) and a 25uL sample size (cat. # NBP1-42829SS). This antibody cross-reacts with mouse and rat, and has been positively validated for use in immunofluorescence and Western blot.

PICK1, also known as protein interacting with kinase C, contains a PSD-95/DLG/ZO-1 (PDZ) domain which plays a role in the localization of many synaptic membrane proteins. PICK1 has been shown to interact with many membrane receptors, including PKC alpha and glutamate receptors. PICK1 also has been shown to interact with monoamine plasma membrane transporters and non-voltage gated sodium channels. PICK1 may be involved as an anchoring protein that targets PRKCA to mitochondria in a ligand-specific manner.    

PICK1’s role in regulating glutamate levels is of particular interest. A study in 2008 using NBP1-24829 indicated that the interaction between glutamate transporter GLT1b and the PDZ domain of PICK1 targeted protein kinase C to GLT1b in order to regulate the distribution and function of GLT1b (Bassan, et. al., PMID: 18184314). PICK1 also directs activated PKC alpha to phosphorylate membrane-anchored GluR2, thereby releasing GluR2 in the synaptic membrane. This regulation is dependent on the activation of the kinase.

The PICK1 gene is related to many neuropsychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia and depression. Use the Novus Explorer bioinformatic tool to explore other diseases, genes or pathways associated with PICK1. For more information, view the datasheet of NBP1-42829 here.


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Release Date: 
Friday, July 9, 2010 - 06:00