Bright & Colorful: Fluorescent Markers and FACS Assays

As a top worldwide antibody supplier, we at Novus Biologicals are constantly extending our antibody database to take advantage of the latest technology and product developments. Recently, we added several embryonic stem cell marker antibodies, conjugated for use in FACS (fluorescence activated cell sorting) assays.

New Light On Fluorescent Antibodies

Extra-bright antibodies increase the specificity and sensitivity of any fluorescence-based procedure. They are stable over a wide pH range and are also highly ‘photo stable.’

Novus Biologicals now offer more than 1,150 antibodies conjugated to DyLight® fluorescent dyes.

As fluorescent imaging technology advances, there is a growing drive to achieve increasingly quantitative measurement of fluorescent signals.

Fluorescent Dyes And Conjugated Antibodies

Antibody conjugation involves tagging on a protein, compound or dye, in order to track its interaction with specific antigens. It is a routine procedure in immunoassays. We at Novus Biologicals have a vast number of products in our conjugated antibody catalog, to which we are constantly adding.

Explaining Conjugated Antibodies

A conjugated antibody (also known as a tagged, loaded or labeled antibody) is one that has been attached to a substrate such as an enzyme, toxin or inorganic compound. Modern immunoassay techniques frequently use proteins conjugated with a fluorescent dye. Contemporary antibody sources sometimes supply a wide range of both polyclonal and monoclonal conjugated antibodies.