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DyLight® Fluor Fluorescent Dyes

Novus provides a wide range of DyLight® Conjugated Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, and Lightning-Link® Rapid Labeling Kits.

Why DyLight®
DyLight® Fluorescent Dyes are a family of high-intensity, photostable fluorescent tags for labeling antibodies and other molecular probes, which may be used for flow cytometry, ELISA, fluorescence microscopy, and other array platforms.  DyLight® dyes have absorption maxima ranging from 350nm-800nm, covering the entire visible light spectrum as well as several key near-IR and IR wavelengths. DyLight® dyes are trusted and relied on by researchers around the globe.

DyLight® Antibody Labeling Kits

Lightning-Link® Rapid DyLight® Antibody Labeling Kits combine the quick labeling efficiency of Lightning-Link® antibody labeling technology with the trust and stability of the DyLight® dye brand.  Label your antibody or protein directly with a Lightning-Link® Rapid DyLight® Antibody Labeling Kit - 10 different DyLight® dyes are available.

Prelabeled Primary
Lightning-Link Rapid Kit Catalog #
Prelabeled Secondary
3 x 10-20 ug Rxn
3 x 100-200 ug Rxn
1 x 1-2 mg Rxn
DyLight® 350
DyLight® 405
DyLight® 488
DyLight® 550
DyLight® 594
DyLight® 633
DyLight® 650
DyLight® 680
DyLight® 755
DyLight® 800
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