Antibody Labeling

5 Stars for the Lightning-Link HRP Antibody Labeling Kit

Novus' Lightning-Link HRP Antibody Labeling Kit (cat# 701-0000) has received some glowing product reviews and customer feedback lately. One satisfied customer wrote, "Fast, efficient, stable direct HRP conjugation - best reagent we have found..." Another reviewer wrote, "This conjugation kit worked beautifully [and] the procedure is so simple. Although we had some [initial] concerns, it worked very well."

The Benefits Of Lightning-Link Direct Antibody Labeling

The typical way of detecting proteins by immunohistochemical staining involves a two-step process. A primary antibody is raised against the antigen, and then a second, fluorescently-labeled antibody is used to detect the first.

Easy Antibody Labeling, Regardless of Buffer or Concentration!

Novus Biologicals is excited to announce the release of a new line of Antibody Purification Kits, for use with our popular Lightning Link Antibody Labeling Kits. These new kits allow researchers to label any antibody, regardless of the buffer or concentration, using the quick and easy Lightning Link method.

Fluorescent Dyes And Conjugated Antibodies

Antibody conjugation involves tagging on a protein, compound or dye, in order to track its interaction with specific antigens. It is a routine procedure in immunoassays. We at Novus Biologicals have a vast number of products in our conjugated antibody catalog, to which we are constantly adding.

Explaining Conjugated Antibodies

A conjugated antibody (also known as a tagged, loaded or labeled antibody) is one that has been attached to a substrate such as an enzyme, toxin or inorganic compound. Modern immunoassay techniques frequently use proteins conjugated with a fluorescent dye. Contemporary antibody sources sometimes supply a wide range of both polyclonal and monoclonal conjugated antibodies.