Rapid Antibody Labeling

Direct antibody labeling has proven beneficial for many different experimental applications, allowing researchers to perform complex multi-label fluorescent stains or FACS analysis. In addition, direct labeling is often preferred because it can save the researcher time and money by removing the need for a secondary antibody.

Lightning-Link® Antibody Labeling Kits
Over the past two years, Lightning-Link® Antibody Labeling Kits have emerged as the easiest and most efficient antibody labeling tools available. Providing 100% antibody recovery with only 30 seconds of hands-on time, the Lightning-Link® Antibody Labeling Kits offer high quality antibody labeling in as little as 3 hours. Novus currently provides over 40 different conjugates for easily labeling any antibody, including enzymes such as HRP, fluorescent proteins like R-Phycoerythrin, biotin, and tandem labels like PE/Cy5.

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New Lightning-Link®
Rapid Antibody Labeling System
Antibody labeling has now been made even faster with our release of the new Lightning-Link® Rapid Antibody Labeling System Kits. The Lightning-Link® Rapid Antibody System allows antibody labeling reactions to be set up in seconds and used within just 20 minutes!

In a directional and highly controlled proprietary chemical process, the antibody is covalently bonded to the label at near-neutral pH. Lightning-Link® conjugation kits require no separation or desalting steps, the conjugation ratio is easily controlled, and antibody recovery is near 100%.

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In addition to standard conjugates (ie. Fluorescin, CY3, CY5, etc.) Lightning-Link® Rapid Antibody Labeling System Kits are available for a variety of fluorescent Atto and DyLight dyes!

Assay Kits
Features Benefits
  • 30 seconds hands-on time
  • Easy to use antibody labeling kit
  • Labeled antibody in less than 20 minutes
  • Quick labeling times
  • No separation steps
  • 100% Antibody recovery
  • No losses
  • Applicable to WB, ELISA, IHC, IF and FACS
  • Scalable technology
  • From 10ug up to 5mg

The first kit in the Lightning-Link® Rapid range is fluorescein (the most popular selling dye in the Lightning-Link® kits).

Please feel free to contact Novus Technical Support (technical@novusbio.com) with any questions.

Novus Biologicals also provides a variety of kits that include all of the materials required for a particular experiment including:

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