Epitope Tag

Toll-like receptors in the intestinal epithelial cells

Hoist the DYKDDDDK Epitope Tag

The DYKDDDDK Epitope Tag antibody was raised against a short, artificial sequence that is widely and commonly used as a protein fusion tag. It is pervasively present in a vast amount of scientific studies, and is a very powerful investigative research tool for applications such as immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation, Western blot, and immunohistochemistry.

Epitope Tags and the V5 Tag Antibody

We at Novus Biologicals have a large antibody catalog targeted to epitope tags. They include C-Myc, GFP, HA, DYKDDDDK, and V5 Tag antibody reagents. The V5 tag antibody recognizes the artificially engineered V5 epitope, which is formed of amino acid residues 95-108 of the simian virus 5 RNA polymerase alpha subunit.