New OLLAS Epitope Tag and Antibody

The newly released OLLAS epitope tag and monoclonal antibody offer significant advantages over the other epitope tag/antibody combinations. The OLLAS tag has been demonstrated to allow full protein function whether used as an N-terminal, C-terminal or internal tag. In addition, the OLLA-2 monoclonal antibody has been demonstrated to be more than 100-fold more sensitive than similar antibodies to other commercially available tags. Finally, the fact that the OLLA-2 antibody is a rat monoclonal allows flexibility in establishing double and triple label immunostaining experiments with existing rabbit and mouse antibodies. Related References: (1) Park, S.H., et al., Generation and application of new rat monoclonal antibodies against synthetic FLAG and OLLAS tags for improved immunodetection, J. Immunol. Methods (2007) 331:27-38. (2) Idoyaga J. et al., Cutting Edge: Langerin/CD207 receptor on dendritic cells mediates efficient antigen presentation on MHC I and II products in vivo. J. Immunol. (2008) 180:3647-3650. Related Links: NBP1-06713 - Rat monoclonal anti-OLLAS Epitope Tag (L2) NBA1-07083 - pCMV-N OLLAS Vector NBA1-07084 - pCMV-ND OLLAS / DYKDDDDK Vector NBA1-07085 - pCMV-SD OLLAS / DYKDDDDK Vector NBK1-18296 - OLLAS Epitope Tag Kit NBK1-19033 - SD Epitope Tag Kit for OLLAS / DYKDDDDK NBK1-19035 - SD Epitope Tag Kit for OLLAS / DYKDDDDK For more information, visit our website at, or call 303-730-1950. Amy Chamberlain Marketing Manager

Release Date: 
Friday, May 29, 2009 - 06:00