Brain size matters: MTOR regulates autophagy and number of cortical interneurons

Using RPE65 as a tool to investigate ocular gene therapies

While not life threatening, blindness and retinal disease are profoundly debilitating and greatly affect quality of life.  Understandably, gene therapy has been subject to controversy given it’s potential effects on the rest of our cellular processes.  However, a genetically diseased eye being an isolated organ quickly becomes a promising prospect for such therapies.  Specifically, RPE antibodies are powerful diagnostic tools to test the viability of these clinical treatments. 

New MECP2 Study Suggests Important Link to GABA

MECP2 antibodies are used in DNA methylation studies as well as research into Rett syndrome, a progressive neurological disorder caused by a mutation in the MECP2 gene. Now, a new study has been published by the laboratory where the Rett Syndrome gene was discovered, citing MECP2 as a critical factor in a number of other neurological conditions by its interaction with GABA.

PMP22 Antibodies Assist in PNS Myelin Repair Research

Novus Biologicals recently added a new  PMP22 antibody, conjugated to Biotin, to our antibody database. PMP22 (Peripheral Myelin Protein 22) is important to the structure of the myelin sheath in peripheral nerves, and is encoded by the PMP22 gene.

A Shocking Truth: GABA Antibodies Developing New Therapies for Clinical Depression

Supplying antibodies for neuroscience research forms an important part of our work here at Novus Biologicals. Our antibody database is represented by more than 5,600 neuroscience products covering conditions ranging from sensory systems to neurodegeneration.