SOX2 - a stem cell transcription factor

Mon, 02/16/2015 - 15:15

The SOX gene family encodes a group of highly conserved transcription factors defined by the presence of a conserved high motility group (HMG) DNA-binding domain. They are involved in embryonic development regulation and cell fate determination. All SOX proteins have a single HMG box and bind linear DNA in a sequence-specific manner, resulting in the bending of DNA through large angles. This bending opens the DNA helix for some distance, which may affect the binding and interactions of other transcription factors. SOX1, SOX2 and SOX3 show the closest homology to SRY, with their maximum homology within the HMG domain. These three proteins are expressed mainly in the developing nervous system.

SOX2 antibody western blot

Western blotting with the SOX2 antibody by Seo's group at NYU School of Medicine was done to map the distinct SOX2 functions (self-renewal and differentiation) in osteoblasts to distinct protein domains (1). Additionally, the SOX2 antibody enabled researchers to collect key information on Wnt/Rspondin/beta-catenin signaling in the axonal radial sorting and lineage progression of Schwann cells, as detailed by Grigoryan’s group (2). SOX2 antibody immunoblotting allowed Yu et al to demonstrate that connexin 43 (Cx43) can reverse the malignant phenotypes of glioma stem cells in an E-Cadherin -dependent fashion (3).  These results suggest that Cx43 could be a potential target in the treatment of these aggressive cancers. Ghods et al used the SOX2 antibody to examine the anti-tumor effects of dimethyl fumarate (DMF) specifically within glioma cells and found it to be promising in several glioma models (4).  Recent studies from Wu’s lab at the HHMI employed the SOX2 antibody to demonstrate that induced pluripotent cells (iPS) can be engineered for both efficient germline transmission and non-viral vector source origins (5). Their promising results depended upon the use of optimized assemblies of reprogramming factors and selection markers to produce quality transgene-free iPS cells.

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