Chinese Cancer Study Reveals Three New Genes for Nasopharyngeal Carcinomas

Fri, 07/30/2010 - 08:18

A large percentage of the products in our antibody catalog are used for cancer research. Some oncogenes are expressed in several types of tumor, while others are quite specific. For example, there are several products on our antibody database which target genes specific to nasopharyngeal carcinomas (NPC), such as UBAP1 and MMP9. Recently, a Chinese cancer study, which used no fewer than 10,000 volunteer subjects, uncovered 3 new susceptibility genes for NPC.

Western Blot analysis of UBAP1 expression Western Blot analysis of UBAP1 expression

NPC is a cancer which attacks the epithelial cells of the nasopharynx, the area of the upper throat located behind the nose. It is particularly prevalent in the Guangdong it is also known as Cantonese Cancer for this reason. The study, led by Dr Liu Jianjun and Professor Yi-Xin Zeng, performed a genome-wide association study to identify genetic risk factors specific to the South Chinese population, using 5,000 known sufferers and 5,000 controls. Antibody assays of tissue samples revealed that genetic HLA (human leukocyte antigen) variation, plus genetic alterations of the TNFRSF19, MDSIEVI1 and CDKN2A/2B genes could significantly increase the risk of developing NPC.

Human leukocyte antigens are cell-surface glycoproteins which, together form the major histocompatibility complex in humans. Formed of three classes, each with specific functions, they encode a wide range of proteins (including other genes) and are essential for immune function. They are present on almost all nucleated cells. We at Novus Biologicals have over 450 products on our antibody databasetargeting HLA proteins.

HLA genes were known to have a link with NPC as far back as 1974. However, low sample numbers and the range of genetic markers available hampered further identification. This latest study has overcome this to a large extent, allowing antibody supplierslike us to further enhance our NPC range.

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