Bestrophin Research Reveals Potential Target for Glaucoma Therapy

Wed, 04/21/2010 - 03:54

The Bestrophin 1 to 4 group of proteins are membrane-bound globulins, encoded by the BEST genes 1 to 4. We at Novus Biologicals have a range of products for Best research on our antibody database; mainly targeted to Best-1.

Bestrophin antibodies are routinely used in tagging studies for retinal epithelial cells, as well as ocular disease research; in particular, macular degeneration caused by mutations of Best-1. This protein, which is encoded by the BEST1 (also known as VMD2) gene, is found in the basolateral retinal membrane where it aids regulation of voltage-dependant (anion) Calcium channels. It plays an additional role in ocular development. Over 120 mutations of Best-1 have been recorded. They are responsible for a wide range of ocular disease phenotypes, the most publicised of which is Best vitelliform macular dystrophy.

Western Blot: Bestrophin 1 Antibody Western Blot: Bestrophin 1 Antibody

Recently, antibody research on another Bestrophin protein, Best-2, has suggested mutation may play a therapeutic role. The Best-2 gene encodes an anion channel in the plasma membrane of non-pigmented retinal epithelial cells, thus it plays a similar role to Best-1. Studies showed that disruptions to the Best-2 protein structure caused a reduction in intraocular pressure in mice, due to alterations in aqueous drainage and flow.

In studies conducted by Zhang et al, antibody suppliers provided rabbit polyclonal antibodies targeted to human Best-2 antigen. Human donor eye tissues were used to examine expression of human Best-2. The immunoassay results indicated that human Best-2 was expressed only in the non-pigmented epithelial cells, and may reduce intra-ocular pressure in humans in a similar way to that seen in mice. This suggests it may prove useful in the development of novel glaucoma therapies.

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