Novus Biologicals releases 15 new lysates

Lysates are commonly used positive controls for applications such as Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, protein-protein interaction studies, and more.  Novus Biologicals provides a wide variety of lysates, including 15 newly released lysates.  Learn more about Novus' new lysates below or browse their lysate catalog here.

Novus released five new mouse lysates useful for Western blot and IP, including: mouse spleen lysate, mouse lung lysate, mouse heart lysate, mouse brain lysate and mouse kidney lysate.  In addition to these mouse tissue lysates, Novus also released a NIH/3T3 whole cell lysate, which is a mouse embryonic fibroblast cell line established from a NIH Swiss mouse embryo.

In addition to the aforementioned mouse lysates, Novus released a new NTERA2 lysate.  NTERA-2 cl.D1 is a human embryoid carcinoma cell line originally derived from a pluripotent testicular embryonal carcinoma.  The cell line exhibits many pluripotent characteristics including expression of a number of stem cell markers.

Novus also released two Jurkat Whole Cell lysates (NB800-PC2 and NB820-59463), a RCC4 lysate and a HepG2 lysate.  Jurkat cells are a human T cell lymphoblast-like cell line and the RCC4 cell line is derived from VHL-defective renal carcinoma cells.  HepG2 is a human hepatocellular liver carcinoma cell line.

Novus released four new HeLa lysates, including a HeLa nuclear lysate (NB800-PC9), HeLa cytoplasmic lysate (NB820-89278) and HeLa whole cell lysates (NB800-PC1 and NB820-59462).



For more information on lysates or to inquire about product collaborations, please contact the Novus Product Development Team by calling 303-730-1950 or via e-mail at

Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 24, 2010 - 06:00