Offering Tailored Assistance To Researchers Needing Antibodies

Fri, 01/15/2010 - 10:00

Researchers requiring antibody products can have some difficulty in obtaining precisely what they need. However, recent developments may make this dilemma less of an issue than it has proven in the past.

The Novus Biologicals antibody catalog contains close to 105,000 products, with new products being introduced constantly. Researchers who are too hard-pressed to search the catalog can call on the Novus Antibody Concierge. Scientists are encouraged to submit information about their specific needs. The Antibody Concierge service will respond in two business days with details of relevant products. Moreover, if the antibodies needed are not available through Novus Biologicals, information on alternative sources will be supplied.

In addition, Novus Biologicals invites collaboration with investigators via the Novus Antibody Grant Program. Researchers who isolate a new protein of interest can submit it to us. A specific antibody to that protein will be developed by us and shared with the investigators at no cost. This mutually beneficial collaboration will result in the development of innovative products that will also benefit the wider scientific community. We also invite collaboration with scientists to produce peptide antibodies that are of interest to both parties.

Finally, researchers who have developed a biological reagent of interest for an emerging area of research are invited to consider a licensing agreement with Novus Biologicals. Such an agreement can provide additional funding for research. In addition, scientists are freed from the work involved in dealing with requests for their reagent. Novus Biologicals will take over production, packaging and distribution as well as all related costs. On the other hand, the researchers will retain the right to supply their reagent to colleagues and collaborators, should they wish to do so. Researchers can contact the Novus Product Development Team at

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