Antibody Research into Rare Tumours could Lead to Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatments

Thu, 04/22/2010 - 03:59

We at Novus Biologicals have a vast number of products in our antibody catalogue, targeted at cancer research. They cover areas as diverse as apoptosis and cell signalling pathways, and antibodies include those derived from a number of tumour cell lines.

Now, it looks as if our cancer antibody database is set to expand once more. Scientists have recently uncovered exciting new facts on sarcomas - rare tumours affecting only a small minority of people, which are found in tissues throughout the body. Despite the rarity of sarcomas, the findings have enormous ramifications on the field of cancer therapy as a whole. They could pave the way for a whole catalogue of new treatments for the most common cancers affecting man.

Sarcomas are found in muscle, nerves, joint tissues, deep skin tissues and blood vessels. The proteins causing them undergo unique, well-characterised molecular changes which make them ideal models for the development of new cancer therapies. The findings have recently been made public at the 2010 ESMO conference on Sarcomas and Gastro-IntestinalStromal Tumours (GIST).

We at Novus Biologicals have over 130 antibody products targeted at sarcoma proteins which have been researched for a number of years. However, it has only been comparatively recently that novel treatments have started to emerge. Much of this is down to improvements in antibody assay techniques, enabling precise identification of protein mutations at a molecular level. The ESMO conference concentrated on the molecular alterations that occur in soft-tissue sarcomas, in particular GIST, and the development of treatments to combat them.


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